Monday, October 16, 2006


Been studying lately. A's approach. And it has occured to me more than once how different I'm taking to a major exam this time. During O's I was studying day and night, trying to get as many A1s as possible (in the end I only got 2). Now I study a bit, relax a bit. Guess it's really no use to pour out something as precious as life over something as meagre as an exam. Must learn to enjoy studying and do the other things I enjoy at the same time. The haze prevents me from going running or swimming as of late though.

The day after O's I woke up early and went to my buddy's house to play Halo 2 and then some Star Wars game and then after that, Dead or Alive. Spent a whole day doing that. As I walked home, the end of the O's just seemed so hollow, so meaningless. Like, "ok, so the O's are over, now what?". Hopefully, that shall not happen this time, after A's.

Last Friday as I walked out of school, the full impact hit me. Wow. That's the end of school life in uniform forever. I walk out of AJ not quite the same person as when I walked in. So much has changed in me. 2 years can really change a person. Prayer-fully, perhaps I am more malleable now to the Lord.

After A's, anything goes. Somehow, just right this moment, I kind of wish that I enlist in January. Perhaps the blur of events will get rid of any time to over-analyze.

I do believe that I've got more on my mind than appears to be so. Except that so often I can't tell anyone but the Lord. I guess sometimes it'd be better if I just go and do something, instead of think so much. NS in Jan will probably have that effect.

Quote of the day:

"Ok guys, return the ball. That's the end of PE for the rest of your lives"

-PE teacher when the bell rang, signalling the end of Wednesday's lesson

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