Friday, October 06, 2006


Prelims was ok. History B, Econs D, C maths O.

Forgot to thank Caleb for having me over last Sunday. And his 6 aunties (or around that number, hard to count) for feeding me endlessly. Got National Geographic and Animal Planet to watch some more. Reminds me of my ODAC days, which ain't too far back anyway.

Today everyone forgot bout School Min. I only realised at 11 plus at night and only told Mei Yan then. Things don't really seem to be moving. Seems that everything under these pre-A's conditions is moving by so fast. Motion blur.

Walk's okay. And just cuz it's just "okay", it actually means that it's not "okay". And I'm acutely aware of that.

O Lord.

Nothing more to say at this point, having fun irritating Keith on MSN. It's therapeutic.

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