Sunday, September 24, 2006

And so...

And so... prelims are over and I"ll probably be getting my results back by tomorrow. What can I say? Let me rehearse my don't-worry-teacher-I'm-sure-I'll-do-better-in-A'levels-this-year-(ornext) line, grin included*.

Spent the last few days relaxing. Ok, I didn't really relax in the pure sense of the word. That's cuz I was playing computer games. And according to my mom, the way I play computer games is the same as the way I do work. Intense.

One particularly interesting game's called Galactic Civilizations. I played the demo. You're put in charge of the human race and you've got to expand throughout the galaxy. Compete economically, culturally, technologically and in terms of military with the other alien races. So you've got to allocate expenditure into these areas and develop weapons and trade technology.

The normal mode was too easy, cuz Lord Kona of the evil alien Drengin Empire was kinda dumb and I colonized the galaxy within 2 years. And so being the bright Emperor of the human Terran Empire I was, I decided to show the computer who's boss. I set the intelligence of evil (say with me, EEEE-vil) Lord Kona at INCREDIBLE (That's one level above GENIUS- It's like this: FOOL, BEGINNER, SUB-NORMAL, NORMAL, BRIGHT, GIFTED, GENIUS, INCREDIBLE). And the "Game difficulty level" switched itself warily from NORMAL to MASOCHISTIC.

MASOCHISTIC you say? Obviously you haven't experienced the wise, awesome, mighty militaristic rule of the Emperor SmartGuy of the Human Empire, have you?

Drengins are evil creatures I tell you. The Emperor ended up launching a suicidal attack on Dregin starbase, losing that battle and having the whole bloody Drengin Empire turn on him. His NewHopeI s, a terribly powerful ship the Emperor designed himself, well, they held out for a while against the lousy Drengin Heavy Fighters. Then the economic might of the evil Lord Kona with 13 planets under his charge began to have an impact against the 8 under His Majesty, the Emperor SmartGuy. And so evil Lord Kona, he put his Heavy Fighters in groups of 5 and launched attacks on the human fighters one by one.

And then evil Lord Kona sent in his ships to invade the human planets too.

And that's how the mighty Human Empire fell. Drengins are ingrates. Never set their intelligence level at INCREDIBLE. Those Pacifists who say that we should do trade with them don't know what they're talking about I tell you. Show Drengins no mercy in future. Mark my words.

And taking a break from managing his wide empire, the Emperor returns home in his Royal Starship, to Earth, to Singapore. The A'levels await him.

P.S. The only good Drengin is a dead Drengin.

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