Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Your hands are a bit loose...

Ah the continuing saga.

Went to orthopaedic surgeon yesterday. Wait was ok. 45 minutes? Read my bible as I waited. One thing that struck me was when Moses was told by God to go tell Pharaoh to free the Hebrews. Funny thing was, Pharaoh originally made things worse for Moses. Made Hebrews make bricks without straws. Worst thing was, God had never told Moses this would have happened.

Now if I was Moses, I'd be really angry at God, that God would let me get humiliated before the Pharaoh. And I'd probably start to ask God to do things MY way. Like ask for another staff from God. One that could change into a PYTHON and eat up the idiotic Pharaoh in front of his court. Or ask God to strike the Pharaoh with lifelong piles. Or ask God to afflict the Egyptians with chronic diarrhoea for the rest of their lives so their slave drivers couldn't lift a finger and the Hebrews could slack around and laugh.

But then again, if Moses had, he wouldn't have been going according to God's purpose. The key to fulfilling God's purpose is total obedience and surrender, as God is showing me these days. Not even commitment. That requires me to operate for God. Surrender is above that. It's asking God will to be done and moving on God's mercy and providence.

And so the orthopaedic surgeon... he started rotating my left ankle a few dozen times.

Rotate rotate rotate

"Pain a not?"

"Not pain"

Rotate rotate rotate rotate rub rub


"Not pain"

Jab jab jab




"Not pain"

Change ankle.

"Pain a not?"




"Not pain."

"I can't find anything wrong with your ankle leh... they seem quite firm to me"

Then this junior doctor calls in a senior doctor. Sits there and works on the com as the senior doc does his stuff. First thing he says when he reads the report of the A&E doc.

"Wah, you climbed a volcano in Indonesia ah?" starting to get excited.

"er. Yeah"

"Merapi ah?" eyes wide with glee (I don't know how else to put the emotion)


"Oh, so it's not active?" calmer now. Less excited.

"Well, it is"

"Huh, it is ah? Then might as well just go and climb Merapi right? That would be more exciting. All the lava coming out. Correct?"

I'm really amused.

And so senior doc checks my ankles. Then he bends my fingers, my hands.

"Hmmm. You have muscle laxity."

"Which means?"

"Your ligaments are lax. Some people are born that way"

"Is it because I do a lot of stretching?"

"No, you're born that way."

"Is it ok?"

"Yeah, you're born that way."

"So there's no problem?"

"Well, some people just have more lax ligaments. They're born that way you know. You're the second one I've examined today."

"Oh so no problem"

"No, you can run, you can do NS, it's perfectly alright. Some people are just born that way."

Finds nothing wrong with ankles. Recommends physio.

"There's no muscle tear?"

"Well, there doesn't appear to be one. Unless you want an MRI? We could do one for you, you know? Just that it'll cost S$900 for each foot"

turns to junior doc. "Write down that I've examined patient, no sign of muscle tear. Perfectly stable. Patient very concerned, wants MRI."

"Er, I think it's ok lah, no problem"

"Well, if you want it we can do it for you, you know."

"It's ok."

"Well, if you really want we could do a check for you right now, you know. We can do it."

"No, it's ok."

Then he gives some instructions to junior doc. Senior doc leaves the room. Junior doc turns to me.

"Hmmm. What did he (senior doc) say huh?"


And then I leave the hospital, thanking God that all's well. Cost S$20.


pamela said...

heh quite funny.
well glad there's nth wrong with your ankles... guess its a relieve for you then :)

tyong said...


A true relief.

But I know they're still recovering. Must get back on track slowly, though.