Friday, August 11, 2006


Thank you Caleb for being a great bro in Christ. Great talking to you. Still don't know your birthday date. Or your favourite colour. blah blah. To heck with that stuff. Not important. Both of us don't care bout it anyway. Keep running for God. Really encouraged by how you've grown.

Thank you Kwan Chin for sticking by me today even though I was so sian*. Thank you for praying with me. Think you did a great job sharing Christ with that aunty. Jesus smiles, I'm sure.

Thank you Mei Yan for continually organizing the programme and coming early for Friday morning cell meetings. Greatly encouraged everytime I see you come. (P.S. your blog is taking a lloooooooooooong time to load)

Thank you Jing Jie for talking cock with me again, as usual. All the best brown cow. God is with you. Never forget that.

Thank you Jie Hau for always sharing insight with me. Rest well. Stay strong. God will provide.

Wan Lin ah, long time haven't talked with you already leh. Thank you for the joy and enthusiasm you bring to the group. And that joy and enthusiasm the way you bring it hasn't been around for sometime.

I miss Jing Jie and Jie Hau and Wan Lin in the group. Today we missed Agapera and Jonathan Pang and Ching Yi. Only Joseph, Kwan Chin and I. Yi Hui and Zhi Wei came in the morn. Where are you guys??

Hmmm. The army enlists 2 more soldiers for the Lord... 12 strong now. What will become of this particular unit I'm not entirely sure. I don't need to know either. I just thank God that He's been so gracious. The 6 of us have had some amazing times in God's presence. Some wonderful times of fellowship and strengthening. Many days of laughter, joy and also a common frustration when we feel we're hitting a blank wall together. Lord, thank you for this 5 bros and sistas you've given me.

Whether God chooses to restructure this unit, disband this unit if it so be His will, I do not know. I just pray that His will be done. And if it so be in accordance with His will, the J1s will really grow in this group and proclaim God's name together. That they'll pick up where we left off and continue the hard work in this school.

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