Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Saturday. Mom and Dad went with me to the A&E department to check my ankles. (A&E's really the sneaky way to go, since there's a subsidized rate. About S$70. The school brought Jian Hao to MOUNT ALVERNIA Hospital to fix his fractured wrist a week or so back. That cost a whopping S$200 plus)

The A&E doctor felt my ankles. Felt the ligaments' strength by pulling them a bit.

"Hmmm, this one is a bit loose, you know".

Puts down that ankle, lifts the other ankle and feels it.

"This one also a bit loose"

Tai Yong. Mouth open.

And so I'll be down. No running, no jumping. Walk slowly as an added precaution. Finally got round to packing my school bag to make it slightly lighter. Took out a few kg worth of notes that I've been storing up. Some since January.

Can swim though. Yet another thing to thank God.

Romans 8:28 still stands though. All things still work together for the good of those who love God. I have no idea whether this'll have any implication for NS. But just you wait, this double ankle sprain will work to my good, I know.

Completed most of my History Research Assignment today. Took me most of the day. School was rather short today. Don't know if I can catch up on all that C maths. Thick-skinned Tai Yong isn't really affected by all the prodding of teachers to do work. He'll do them as he sees fit. (whether or not that's a good thing... it's a double-edged thing actually). Means that he'll save himself from getting stressed out. Also means he'll sometimes get far behind in work.
School ministry. Praying for God to teach us what to do. Truly, we've lost our axhead in this ministry. We've lost our focus. The thing isn't so much about renewal of members or expansion. It's about focusing on God, guys. It's about letting God do everything. Just as Paul put it in 1 Corinthians (3 I think) He who sows and he who waters is not anything, only God,who makes the plant grow.
These past 2 days of partial fasts have brought me closer to God. Spent lots of time praying and reading the bible.
Mr Larry Lee said in school today that "feeling" is not something that can prove God exists. It's illogical to say that God exists because one "feels" that. And guess what, I totally agree. Yes, I do believe that I feel God in my everyday life. But God has proven to me beyond reasonable doubt that He exists. And not just through failings.
How can somebody come up to me and pray for me in the name of Jesus, and tell me exactly what's going on in my life and that God still loves me? And that more than once. How can I sometimes go up to someone and pray for him or her and know something in his or her life that I really didn't know and pray in the name of Jesus that God helps the person in that area. Why is it that sometimes that person can be reduced to tears- tears of being touched in the heart by an awesome God- by the very mention of such things?
And that's only in my own life. I once witnessed Pastor Rusty Russell tell Rebeccah Ng to pray for my friend James Ow Yong. Told her to pray for a pain in his leg (the hamstring I think). And then that pain went away immediately. Woah.
Perhaps then you might ask why God didn't heal my ankles? It's beyond me. I prayed. But look, if He's God, He can say yes or no and still remain God right?
And I haven't even begun to mention the countless changed lives I see around me. Of drug addicts turned pastors. Of angry people turning to a loving God.
And so tomorrow I'll be skipping PE. Our goalie Jian Hao's down. Now Qi Xiang's goalie (one who makes beautiful saves too). I'm down. Welyon just recovered from in-grown toe nail. Oh well.
Hmmm. Wonder what a certain teacher will say when he sees both my ankles sprained during PE tomorrow. Not that he can do anything much against me though. Heh heh.

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