Wednesday, July 12, 2006


"The reason why we often read nice-looking sentences in itialics, thinking that they're some famous individual's quote, is that they are made to look special. And if you think about it, this particular set of itialicised words are kind of lame."
T. Y. Foong

"Slow to learn their lesson are the ones who read this second line."
Un-famous Author

"All hope is lost! Weird are those who never learn their lesson, because they keep reading nice-looking, itialicised sentences."
Now Infamous Writer

Right. Down to business.

-Ankle is still painful. That despite Rinjani being a full month back. I'm like. "Oh shit. So how, Lord?". I thought it was over and done with, until I started running short distances (3km ++) again. Then it was painful. Yikes. Some injury that needs to be cured. I know God can heal me just like that if He wants to. Somehow He doesn't. Will see how it goes, no use worrying about it. But I AM concerned.

-Made some progress studying. Not today. Today was doing some mushy, sentimental stuff that I have never done in my entire life. Writing cards! Oh man. The wonders of what 2 years in a co-ed school can do to a guy.

-Was under some rather heavy spiritual attack yesterday. Real intense bombardment. Asked Caleb to pray. By this morning, it was better. Even better after Jie Hau prayed for me in school. Wonderful. This attack's been called off (temporarily, I presume. Do not underestimate the enemy, Tai Yong). Thanks to reinforcements... thank God for these brothers, and anybody else who prayed for me. Know that many a time God does that. Tells someone else to pray for a certain person.

-Daniel Yim's back for reservist. Praying that he'll be able to share Christ effectively and that he'll have a wonderful time in the outdoors.

-Applause to Pam for responding with boldness to God's voice.

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