Friday, July 14, 2006


I know my offering is meagre
I know my righteous acts
Their like filthy rags
Before your eyes
Trembling I come before your throne
Wondering how a fool like me deserves your saving grace

Oh Lord
I surrender
Into your arms of love

Come like a rushing wind
Blow through this place
Come like a raging fire
And make me whole
Bring abounding joy
Into this place
And through all this
I wanna seek your face

The one desire of my heart is to dwell in His house all the days of my life, to gaze upon His beauty and to seek Him in His temple.
That song up there is the cry of my heart. I don't know why God ever chose to save a wretch like me. I'm a bloody sinner. But still God chooses to rescue me. Why? Why? Why? Why when I sin and then repent, why I hurt Him, He still chooses to take me back, to restore me?
Not because I'm worthy. I know I'm not.
It doesn't make sense. It's not the Jews who crucified Jesus, you know. It's our sins.
But all I know is that I am forgiven. That I have an inheritance in heaven. That when I die I'll get to see the Lord.
My Lord died on that cruel cross that my sins might be forgiven. Day by day I live on borrowed time, given grace. And one day He'll return to judge the earth. I know there are those who laugh in their hearts at this. What Jesus? What God? Judge the earth? But yes, that day will come.
Hosanna. Come save, Lord.

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