Saturday, July 08, 2006

Draw Me Nearer

Draw me nearer to you
Nearer to you
Fill my life with your presence
The way you want to
Till my soul is ablaze
Each and everyday
Draw me nearer
Nearer to you

-Did spectacularly badly for my mid years. But not as spectacular as some other guys in my class. Got 28.5 for C maths and 45 for History (it might interest you to know that the lowest score in my class is 0.5 marks- not an excuse though)

-Seeking guidance on a few things in future. (Pam: Thanks for the book again! The guidance principles do work!).

-NS after A's. Wonder if it's January enlistment or April enlistment. Used to want April, but right now I'd rather have January. Better to have spare time after NS than before.

-My ankles still haven't completely healed. Oh Lord!

-My mom wants to use this computer now, so I'm stopping for now.

-I think Italy will win.

P.S. Sorry Caleb (For your info, Caleb asked me to go and study, and bring my C maths exam paper so he could do. And I faithfully did so. Trouble was, I brought the exam paper. And left the question paper at home. Ooops.). But you got

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