Friday, July 14, 2006

Cute episode

A cute episode over the email. Took out some details though. Read carefully. Haha.

Dear Sir/Madame

Not too long ago, I received a survey form from your organization. It stated that filling it would entitle me to 6 FREE copies of the Financial Times, if I am not mistaken.

However, I have been receiving FREE copies of the Financial Times for more than a week now. I have no intention of subscribing as I have limited time on my hands to read the paper.

Although I enjoy reading through the FREE copies of the Financial Times which are coming to me ENDLESSLY, I do realize that it would be extremely unfair to your organization. Now, it would be pointless sending FREE> products to a happy, non-paying customer, wouldn't it?

Thank you for your kind attention.

Mr. Foong Tai Yong

P.S. The FREE copies of your excellent paper are much appreciated.

----- Original Message -----
Dear Mr Foony,

Thank you very much for your email.

Please note that we do offer you a 4 weeks free trial instead of 6 copies.
We are now sending you free copy effective from 3rd July onwards & it will be ended on 30th July 2006. Do you need to cancel as soon as possible OR after the end date ?

Please feel free to email back to me if you have any further queries.

M. Woo

Dear Ms. Wooy

Thank you for your email.

I appreciate the FREE flow of papers.

It would be alright to let it continue.

Thank you for your kind attention

Mr Foony

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