Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Send your rain Lord.

Been working late nights early mornings cuz I want to get my studies right for you. Yet today I didn't really feel like studying. C maths Common Test on Friday some more. Trigo and Vectors. I understand them Lord, but I haven't been practising enough, I know. Help me to get those chapters right.

I hate it when I sin against you, Lord. Help me to stop making you sad, Lord. I want to live a life for you. Not being stunningly successful though.

One thing Aunty Cindy told me last Sat which really rang a bell with me was this. It doesn't really matter how well you do in your studies. But what matters is your character. If you have a heart that is good and you chase after God, God will give you what you need. What's the point if you have all As but you have no character?
And HERE I'd like to address a common misconception.
Tai Yong is NOT holy. Repeat, NOT holy. Many people look at me and say hey! That guy is sooooo holy (whether that's said with a bit of sarcasm and codescension or not). Always see him reading the bible. Always hear him say things like "Thank God". Sometimes see him praying.
Come to me and I'll tell you a lil more about my life, bout the sins I've committed. Bout how I'm still committing some of them.
But I'll tell you also, that Christ has forgiven them all. In case you're wondering, my Lord Jesus ain't just part of a story. There have been times when I've heard God speak to me. And even better, seen prayers answered. Of course, then again you might go into Darwinian theory. But I ask you. Who created you? If you see the words "I love so-and-so" on the wall, would you say that they happened to be there by some scientific process?
And yet we have remarkable bodies. Around us are wonderful works of creation. Trees, sky, clouds. Who created all this I ask you? Is it all just an evolutionary process? If I saw grafitti on the wall, I'd have no question that someone put it there. Yet our much more complex bodies have been said to be of evolution.
Science can't even explain how a thought comes about. Science cannot be used to create and replicate a human being on its own. (cloning, for example is made possible only when you first have a human being to start off with). Science is limited. How can you use science to try and debunk God?

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