Friday, July 28, 2006


I'm pretty sure I've got ankle sprains.

Really minor. Can still walk and do everything. Just that it tires easily. And that probably means that it hasn't healed completely. So I guess I'll just have to rest it for a month or so and then see how. Wear ankle guard everywhere I go.

Might see doctor. Might not. Thinking Chinese Senseh now. Mom's finding one for me.


Began thinking bout my not-too-comfortable ankles when Sam came over with his adventure racing buddies for a presentation at AJ. All those photos kinda reminded me how much I love the outdoors. Mustn't take my chance with these ankles.

And thus, my lower body training programme comes to a halt for the next month or so. Sulk*.

And I'll wear the ankle guards everywhere I go.

Wear another set of ankle guards when I sleep.

Thank you Lord that I have ankles! Thank you for all the times you let me use these ankles to run, to swim, to climb mountains. I only appreciate all that so much better when you let them become injured, and only slightly! Help me to rest them well and recover soon so I can use them again!

In the name of Jesus I pray, amen!

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