Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Told you they'd be disjointed. Ok. I didn't get all the photos I wanted up, but at least the best are already here. Exceeded my time limit for internet usage by 44 minutes this week. Good night.
On the way down. Lombok mountain range, Lombok mountain range. Taught me so much yet so strange. Hope this rhymes but I'm just bored, waiting for the photo-downloader to do its job.
View from summit. That in the middle? That's Gunung Baru. The volcano in the middle of the crater lake. It's a mini-volcano. If I'm correct, the whole Crater was formed by an explosion many years back. Then Gunung Baru (active volcano) came about much later.
At summit. Didn't take many photos on the way up, cuz it was so friggin cold. So there's a certain jump in events. The worst ones being skipped. Might interest you to know that the Canadian climber dropped down from around here. And there I was, the news not really haven't sunk it. But anyway, I crawled around the summit. Tried not to stand as much as I could. Was quite tired by then. From here, we descended all the way to base camp by the end of the day. That day was the 16 hours trek.
Day 3. Sunset (6:30p.m. only!) , where it begins to get cold. Really cold. I'm wearing 3 layers top and bottom. Top beanie on head. 1 dri-fit, 1 woollen layer, 1 rainjacket. Bottom. 1 cotton underwear, 1 Montfort PE shorts, 1 track pants. Jeremy in slippers is crazy as usual, with a super high metabolism or so I think. He can go and join the X-Men. Mortals like me will just try to keep warm, in the meantime.
Relaxing near Crater Rim camp. Up till this point, it still seemed so sinang.

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