Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rinjani 2

Jon Pang and I. Acting cool.
My batch plus 3 teachers.
Day 3. Crater Rim camp. Me and Jon Pang, junior who's in the same school min. Thank God for this bro.
Day 2. What's this photo doing here? Anyway, that's Wei Long, me, Chee Yong, Teck Hao at the Hot Springs on Day 2. Just below Crater lake.
Day 3. Me and my junior, Jia Chang. The altitude up here uh, it just erm, it makes you go nuts lah. After the photo was taken, I slew his right hand off and then he had to make do with a robotic one the rest of the journey. Haha.
3rd morn of trek. Trekking to Crater Rim Camp. From there we go on to summit. Myra, Yuan Han, Yu Yan, Joycelyn.

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