Monday, June 19, 2006

Been studying.

Above. The last of the Rinjani photos. (from top): Fariha, me, Yu Yan / the airplane! / me, Keith, Myra- the bro and sis in Christ I was talking about/ my improvised ankle guard. Pretty proud of it! Constructed from handkerchief and paper brochure and black tape (never leave for an expedition without BLACK TAPE).

Well, been a lil while since I started studying again. Mid years... hmmm. Told my dad and mom, "don't be alarmed by my mid year results hor. Prelim and A's will be much better". And I've got to work hard to make the latter a reality.

3 prayer requests.

1. Fresh fire from God (don't I keep asking for that?). My fire's been getting a little bit too small for comfort. Need to have more hunger and thirst for the word. If not I'll just stagnate and grow fat and rot and die as far as the spirit man is concerned. Musn't grow complacent.

2. Fresh fire for studies! Need to get my studies right this year. Need to spend more time on it, have more discipline, really know that I'm doing it for God once again.

3. Stop being so judgemental. I've been rather judgemental in my thinking lately, on certain brothers. That's gotta change if I want to be used by my Lord.

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