Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One son going to jump out of an Airplane, another climbing a Volcano

Nicely and cutely put by my dear mother.

Bro's going airborne and I'm climbing Rinjani, which has a volcanic crater rim at the side.

Feeling just a little unwell today. Pray I'll get well for the expedition. Trained so hard already. Paid for it already. Throat infection thing again I think.

Walk ain't too good. Dry and weary. Parched and longing for God.


meiyan said...

press on! don't get urself burnt or hurt ya (: have fun.

pamela said...

thank care bro.
trust you'll have a great trip!
will keep you in prayer.
p.s. i'm back home :)
looking forward to catch up sometime for a good chat :)

tyong said...

Thanks Mei Yan!

Hmmm. Pam... you call me sometime before you fly off again?