Monday, May 29, 2006

Long Day

Rinjani will be on Sat. Going to Airport at 0545 hours. 3726m. Used Google Earth to zoom into the crater lake yesterday. Cool. The weight won't be the problem- the elements will. Wanted to do some packing tonight, but kor's already sleeping in the room. Having airborne selection tomorrow, so I think he needs the room more urgently than I do.

Bought a long sleeve Reebok dri-fit for S$16.90, praise God. Original price was S$34+. The stall had only those 5 shirts left and I guess nobody wanted to buy them cuz they were a bit big. Only one size L left- and it's a little big for me somemore-but the price is well worth it. The shirt's gonna help a lot in keeping me well throughout the Rinjani trek.

This morn was GP lesson in school.

Afternoon was yet another training hike at Bukit Timah hill. Up and down Renggu (if I got it right) path and Summit path 3 times. 7+ kg only.

Came home. Dinner.

Nope, not too much time these days. But Lord, help me to find good time for study I pray!

Feeling sleepy.

Tomorrow's NS medical examination. Wonder how NS life is going to be like. I see it, hear about it. But soon I'll be going through it (after A's). And then after 2 years of it I'll be about to enter uni. Wonder how I'll be like then. Will I be a stronger person? A wiser person? Closer to God? Or worse of in every aspect? 2 years can potentially change a person. I pray that I'll only be cast into the Lord's mould for me.

Hmph, I haven't exactly figured out my character completely. I can be so extroverted sometimes, talking to many people, playing a fool, not afraid to lose face. And sometimes I can be so... well, quiet. Sometimes I feel lonely- like now. Wish I had many of my good friends around me.

And let me just rein myself in before I continue. I'm down the slippery slope of melancholy mixed with sleepiness...

Night! and Jesus loves you!

P.S. Just tired, yeah. Brainless ramblings here. Paiseh. But typed already, so I'll just publish post.

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