Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lessons from the Lord. Everyday.

Past 2 days or so have been like cramming a whole months experiences into a box.

Yes, I have learnt so much from the Lord... discipline if you want to put it that way.

And before I continue, here's something important.

I don't know exactly how many people in my life I have hurt through the my words and actions. I know that the fact is I can be rather dismissive or worked up when I get into debate. I know that I can seem very very aggressive at times.

The reason? (not excuse). Well, I do like to debate a lot in class or in discipleship and my friends are pretty much used to my style. So they just tease me when I get on their nerves. Or they come up with a stronger argument and so often I have had to admit my argument doesn't hold water. Give and take. I'm ok with them teasing me or suan*ing me. I guess that more than once the problem is that I carry this style to talking with those I ain't too familiar with. I have much to learn in wisdom and discernment. And many times I don't know when to stop pressing home an attack on an argument. Sometimes, it's interpreted as an attack on the person. (And I DON'T MEAN IT THAT WAY, LORD!) But then it still is, and it is something that I have to work on.

I know that the Lord is teaching me that. Past few days I feel that I have been going through a few spiritual attacks. Say I'm over-spiritualizing things if you must, but I just believe that the Devil is attacking me in a variety of areas. Lust, pride, ego, anger. And the interesting thing is, the Lord is taking each one of those battles and using it to teach me something new.

I want to say to all those that I have offended in one way or another a big "sorry". Sorry to those I know I have hurt and those I don't know. I don't mean to hurt people but I know that I have. And there are probably a lot more who I do not know off. I am so often brash and unreserved and stubborn and strong-headed that I know I have hurt many. I will continue to work on it, and more importantly, the Lord will.

I am a sinner. Nothing more. Just a sinner called to grace. Ultimately when I make mistakes and hurt people- and so often I get hurt too, who is hurt most is my Lord and Saviour. Sorry, Father. Your servant's still working on a few things in life. Thank you Lord for your patience.

Saturday- Morn went BT nature reserve for an ODAC hike. Still feel tired today from Fri's training. Was quite surprised that I could complete that training. 15 kg plus up and down 3 blocks. 25-25-28. Sat was a lot easier with 7 kg plus.
Evening went YPM. Received quite a bit of strength from the Lord for School Min when I went up during altar call. Uncle William came over and prayed an accurate prayer asking for spiritual boldness.
Sunday- Went around central Singapore in Christopher's car to buy stuff for Jon Teo's surprise farewell party. Thank God for Chris. Good brother he is. 2 out of 4 locations were either closed or weren't selling what we wanted. Thank God the food reached the house before Jon Teo.
Surprised Jon Teo when he entered the house. The nice part was when Jon Teo sat on the sofa and then Ming En grabbed his leg from under the sofa. Haha. Must say Aaron and company did an excellent job at organising this.
Caleb Lim, long time haven't seen your face. Better show up sometime soon in YPM bro. Or else hor, heh heh heh. Terrible things will start to happen. muahaha.
Samson Hu, thanks for continually hearing me out and going through issues with me patiently. Will do all I can to live for God. Thank you for teaching me so many things through word and more often than that, through deed.
Chistopher, thanks for listening to me bro, and sharing many valuable opinions. Thanks for expounding the word to me. (oh yes, I know you don't read blogs, but anyway...)
Jia En, thanks for chatting with me. You're a great person to talk with! Will keep you in prayer. Eh, don't be too discouraged by Mid-years. Am sure God will give you the time-management you need. For all your dreams and aspirations I pray that the hand of the Lord will move, that your vision may be filled with the as-yet-unseen things of the Lord. That those dreams and aspirations God will keep parallel to His plans.
Jie Hau, keep going bro. In prayer you are kept. Keep pressing in to draw from the Lord. Know your probs bro, and I know that it's not easy. Also know that you have a good heart to serve God and I know the Lord will fill those who are hungry, as Isaiah 55 writes. Thank the Lord for all I've learnt from you in the past year and a half. God's presence is strong in your life. We all go through spiritual battles and I am honoured to be fighting in the same battle with you in this school. I pray that you will go on to fight greater battles and win greater victories for our Lord the King.

Jing Jie, thanks for always being so merry and for always crapping with me. Know that this year wasn't too pleasant, but I also know that God will bring something good out of this. Every Friday there's CG. wink* Your presence is greatly missed whenever you don't turn up, bro!

Mei Yan, I'm sure you'll get out of apts soon. Keep close to the Lord. Thanks for your uncomplaining heart when you come for CG. May the Lord call you to greater things in your servanthood to Him. May He fill you with so much more of His Spirit as you use what He has given you.

Wan Lin, see you so happy also don't know what to say. Thank the Lord for your joy in the ministry. Though Jon Pang and I were so sian* last Fri... haha.

Kwan Chin, heh, nice to have heard your sharing bout what God told you that night at AJ Idol. Thank the Lord for encouraging people like you. Do keep in contact. Till we meet on that glorious day where the light of our Lord Jesus surrounds, it'll be always a pleasure and honour to know I have a bro like you.

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