Saturday, May 06, 2006


Today's elections. When things are good, people take the liberty to vote those who didn't make things good, irony it is. I attended a WP rally. And found it hilarious. How can an opposition that is "prepared to lose", does not intend to form the next government, offers no alternative policy, cannot manage foreign relations, has no idea whatsoever as to how to run a country possibly be voted in. And yet people vote them. Oh well, opposition should exist- for checks and balances. But then again, right now, the very thought of the opposition taking over is a cross between a comedy and a horror movie. I believe that the opposition should be judged on its merits. If the opposition were as good as the ruling party, they'd deserve to be voted in, no matter who saw the nation through the independence years. As it is, the merits are few.

As my mom keeps telling me to do, pray for the nation!


Looking at the slight drizzle outside my house. Hopefully there's a chance for me to go out and swim, still. So long since I last swam. I miss the feeling of gliding through the water, the strain of the muscles, the deep breathing of air into the lungs. Good stuff. Don't feel too much like studying lately, so just spending my energies training up for Rinjani.

Yesterday was ODAC training. Quite fun. Was carrying this 15.4 kg Denali II around Ang Mo Kio park and up and down HDB flats. Good solid exercise.

Christian Group was alright. I'd hoped for a stronger presence of God, though. I did the P&W with my guitar. One thing that I've learned through all this is that the annointing and effectiveness of a worship leader has no relationship whatsoever to his or her voice. As long as he or she has vocal chords, it doesn't really matter how they sound. I am convinced that how you sound to man does not equate to how you sound to God. And the latter is all that matters.

Peter, a friend of mine and a worship leader, once told me how powerful worship is. You can put a duck up on stage to worship lead and if the presence of God is there, people will still be touched.

YPM later.

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