Thursday, April 13, 2006


This week has been rather busy.

Ever since I got out of APTS (Academic Progress Tracking System). (praise God) and got back to ODAC, life's been settling back to it's busy self. I have many better-not-said feelings bout this CCA. But what I decided is this. From now till the end of my term, I want to serve all the people in ODAC for God. I guess that's what Jesus would do. But I'm sort of waiting to leave still.

Monday was ODAC which ended at 8:45p.m. plus... Reached home 9 plus.

Tuesday was a lecture by the Saudi Crown Prince at Raffles City. Reached home around 9.

Wednesday was ODAC NavEx and training which ended again at 8 plus.

Today was ODAC again, doing some form of yeoman service. Ended 8 plus.

Saturday will be trekking at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve for the morning.


Lord ah, I really don't know what to say... Need more sleep here.

Samson, Lowell, Joseph, Caleb. I think I'll have to extend my hiatus from bible study. Sorry guys. But "I'LL BE BACK". Someday. Heh.

Excerpt of the day.

(After Lowell asks me to go bible study via sms)

Tai Yong: Can't. You guys proceed pls, don't count on me going lah.

Lowell: But we miss you...

Tai Yong: I could be bought with 35.5 million. No money no talk.

Lowell: Riches on land count for nothing! When you die they will go away! But come my brother and you can receive spiritual riches...

Tai Yong (after laughing... cuz Lowell sounds like a Pastor): 34.9 million. Take it or leave it.

And the Pastor ignores me from this point onwards. Haha.

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