Sunday, April 30, 2006

Thank you Lord

Christian group on Friday was filled with the presence of God. I cannot remember God's presence ever being so strong as Friday. God's presence is a mighty power, a knowledge of peace. Just had to kneel down and worship. Jing Jie and Kwan Chin felt it too. Cool stuff.

I thank God that the J2s in the group have grown so close that we can just open up and share. Amazing, simply because we couldn't have done it ourselves. We don't spend that much time together, but we've just grown so close becuase of God. I thank God so much. One area of concern is how to cater to the needs of the J1s. J1s usually have to leave early for lessons, so they miss out quite a bit of the programme. Hmm... Lord, help us find a way. I also know that there're a couple of people, 5 or so perhaps who'd like to join, but their timetables do not fit. Lord, again, teach us what to do.

Nobody disturbed us while we fellowshipped and worshipped in the room. God answered our prayer for protection. I was asking God to position angels along the corridors to prevent any person who might disturb our group or make trouble. Nobody made trouble. Wheee. Truly, the angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and delivers them.- Psalm 34:7.

Saturday was ODAC in the morn. Everyone passed a surprise climbing certification test quite effortlessly, I would say. Hmm. I really love rock-climbing. If I can find the time in future, it'd be nice to go advance my skills. ODAC rock-climbing is hardly enough. Hardly even boulder these days. But then again I have rather different plans for NS years at least.

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