Sunday, April 02, 2006


Testing out how to add picts.

Precision Drill. Learnt all this in 3 months. People usually spend 2 years. During our promos some more. Got 3rd. I sort of miss those days where we'd just train and enjoy the camaraderie. Not half as close to my present CCA mates as these guys. This 10 guys you see here, we were all the committed ones that remained out of a whole batch of 40 plus. Those cadet mates of mine... really something. Capable and tough they'd grown over 4 years.

And while I'm at it. This one was taken on the last NPCC parade before POP (Passing Out Parade). These guys here are (were, rather), the Sec. 2s. Now they're the Sec 4 NCOs... Somehow a part of my heart still is in NPCC, but I know I shouldn't cha1 shou3 in the unit now that I'm out... Deciding not to go for Dec 04 CIBTC was one of the toughest decisions in my entire life. But still, I dare say my life would have been quite different had I become a CI. Wouldn't have gone for lifesaving course... wouldn't have gone for Dec 04 Revolution Church Camp (which by the way, changed my life) or the Childrens' Camp that year... would be so different a person I think.

Yearh, Romans 8:28- that all things work together for good to those who love God.

And here I am. Holding the precious drill cane for the 2nd last time in my life as a cadet. Kee Kien, me, Andrew Goh.

Registered for NS med exam. Wonder what NS will hold for me.


pamela said...

i see you've started becoming more 'high tech' with the pics ;)
Thanks for reading my blog too :)
Keeping you in prayer!

tyong said...

Thank you!!