Wednesday, April 19, 2006

C maths test tml

C maths test tml. God help me!

Today had ODAC till 8+ again. Reached home. Finished dinner by 10. Heh. Hopefully, prayer-fully, when I grow up and work, I won't have such late nights out.

Lately, I feel that I've not been exercising my spiritual muscles as much as I should. Quite a bit of the passion for the Lord seems to be drying up. Lord! Tolong!! The apostolic passion for my school especially. Haven't been fasting lunch for a few weeks too.

Told God that I wanted to train up for my NAPFA- when that was over I wanted to train up for Rinjani (did I mention that my parents actually approved it? WOW. It's volcanic some more, they weren't half as freaked out as I thought they'd be when I mentioned that Rinjani was also volcanic! *play Hallelujah music* )... but if you really think hard enough, if you spend enough time with God, fasting or otherwise, you'll gain more of the Lord in your life! And if you're looking for time to exercise, or to study, or to do things that bring you joy, most surely God will provide!

School now is rather busy, but some people have it harder, I know.


Our Christian Group strikes me as getting a little bit nuah* now leh. A lot less passion as I see it (sorry guys, just my perspective). Like now it's a Friday thing, when that Friday is just meant to meet up and share to strengthen a 7-DAYS a week ministry. Well Lord, please help us to do what would please you. (On my own part, I see myself thinking so much less bout sharing Christ with those around... bad)

Lord, fresh fire and renewed passion for your child please?

Need to ZZZ soon. Night everyone!!

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