Sunday, April 16, 2006


It's just another one of those moments where I have so much flying around in my mind, but yet so little to say.

Samson and Caleb- yearh, you guys know what's going on. Please continue to pray for me.

Yesterday morning ODAC went to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to trek. Just before we began one of my buddies, Teck needed to use the toilet to shit. So we just went to the nearby condominium and walked straight in, past the guardhouse. We figured out that there'd be a toilet near the swimming pool, and there was! So he did his stuff while I walked around. The best part was this- as we walked out I just couldn't resist the temptation to wave to the guard. And the guard nodded back at me! As if I was some resident he knew. I came to the conclusion that the only difference between living in a condo and a HDB as far as security is concerned, is that for a HDB estate, the burglar goes straight into the house. For a condo, the burglar walks past the guard and waves to the guard as he lives.

Got tekaned for making a mistake too. But I don't exactly consider it to be a mistake, not that my opinion really matters in this. Got humiliated for it- which I see as good rather than bad, since I am forming certain opinions as to how I should NOT treat anybody put under me in future.

Yesterday at YPM a brother gave me this word, which I don't wish to post here (sorry hor). Last week also I got another word from God. That makes up a lot of words from the Lord. Right now I'm going through a couple of things with the Lord... but this I know. That God-willing, shall I live to tell the tale I will become a stronger warrior in the spiritual realms. God seems to be demanding a lot from me lately. And I'm not complaining cuz I myself asked for Him to draw me closer, purify me and strengthen me.

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