Sunday, April 30, 2006

Thank you Lord

Christian group on Friday was filled with the presence of God. I cannot remember God's presence ever being so strong as Friday. God's presence is a mighty power, a knowledge of peace. Just had to kneel down and worship. Jing Jie and Kwan Chin felt it too. Cool stuff.

I thank God that the J2s in the group have grown so close that we can just open up and share. Amazing, simply because we couldn't have done it ourselves. We don't spend that much time together, but we've just grown so close becuase of God. I thank God so much. One area of concern is how to cater to the needs of the J1s. J1s usually have to leave early for lessons, so they miss out quite a bit of the programme. Hmm... Lord, help us find a way. I also know that there're a couple of people, 5 or so perhaps who'd like to join, but their timetables do not fit. Lord, again, teach us what to do.

Nobody disturbed us while we fellowshipped and worshipped in the room. God answered our prayer for protection. I was asking God to position angels along the corridors to prevent any person who might disturb our group or make trouble. Nobody made trouble. Wheee. Truly, the angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and delivers them.- Psalm 34:7.

Saturday was ODAC in the morn. Everyone passed a surprise climbing certification test quite effortlessly, I would say. Hmm. I really love rock-climbing. If I can find the time in future, it'd be nice to go advance my skills. ODAC rock-climbing is hardly enough. Hardly even boulder these days. But then again I have rather different plans for NS years at least.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

School Min.

Been having a particularly tiring week. Going to AJ Idol to support some friends, having common tests, and ODAC. Hmm. I dislike the word "Idol". I would never want to join any idol competition. In the first place, I don't think my voice is good enough, and more importantly, why would I ever want to take the position of "Idol" in someone else's life?

School ministry requires lots and lots of faith. Something which God is still working at in my life. You pray and pray and do fasts for your unsaved friends... and then you wait on God. Psalms 37:7. Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Lately, I've been praying for the unsaved friends in my school. There's one particular group of them which is pretty close to me. Treat me very well, crap with me. But vulgarities keep flying... and sexual discussions... and all these evil desires of youth. Praying for them. I just know that God knows what to do... and I trust in that. All I can do right now is to love them with the love of Christ and share Christ when I can.

Stir in me the songs that you are singing
Fill my gaze with things as yet unseen
Give me faith to move in works of power
All for my precious Jesus

And I will sing for all my days
Of heaven's love come down
Each breath I take will sing your praise
Till you call me home

Oh yes, those simple song verses are my prayer right now.

School ministry... requires a lot of passion. I pray for more. Need more of Jesus.

Need to catch up in schoolwork. A little behind time. Yet tomorrow is AJ Idol finals, which I have to go to support some of my friends... and then Sat morning is ODAC rock-climbing, which frankly speaking I'm not too eager about (btw, I love rock-climbing, it's something else that will make things tough), Sat evening is YPM!!, Sunday can study a bit. And Monday I really would like to go Funnival.

And then school starts again...


Hmm. Time for a kodak moment. 3 of the bros closest to my heart. Joseph, me, Lowell, Caleb. Were posing on the church rooftop during 2004 Childrens' Camp. James (see the pail) Ow Yong was supposed to be in logistics, but went overseas, so I helped around. Thank God, if not I might never have gotten to really know these guys. Our sifu (discipler) is Samson, who I must thank for accepting responsibility for 4 crazy guys full of nonsense.

P.S. Photo was taken around 5-6p.m. plus. We were still on the rooftop at 4a.m. the next day with Samson, talking about God-related things. Come to think of it, it's really amazing that 4 guys who spouted consistent nonsense would talk about God so seriously at so late an hour... and that's how our discipleship group started (sorry guys, I'm still looking for a right time to re-join the bible study sessions!)

James, Gilbert, me Caleb. Childrens' Camp 05. Another last-night-of-the-camp-where-we-stayed-up-late. 3-4 a.m. I think (see the clock). Wonder how's Gilbert doing... kinda miss this bro.

(2006 Childrens' Camp- just you wait!)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Since Thursday

Thursday night I was kinda drained spiritually. Didn't have much mental energy left to study. But I did have some physical energy left to use up. Thank you Jia En for talking cock over smses with me... Then at about 10p.m. I did some simple PT before I slept.

Friday I fasted solid food from 6a.m. to 6p.m. to get closer to God. And man, it was awesome. I never used to fast in the past, but now I'm convinced that it's one of the best ways to get close to God if you're really serious.

AJ Christian Group was good. Now we've got another of my ODAC juniors- Agapera with us. So that raises up our number to lemme count... 12. Yep. 10 came on Friday. As the group grows we must remain vigilant against any spiritual attack and remember to continually honour God in all we do. And that being said, I'm amazed at all that the good Lord has done for us. Truly, His thoughts and plans are greater than ours, as the prophet Isaiah wrote (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Friday night I left school at around 9. Finished dinner at 10. But the presence of God was so much stronger. As I bathed and did the usual stuff, I found myself just talking to my Lord. Truly, all anxiety seems trivial in the presence of the Almighty.

Saturday morning I decided that I just had to run. Been sometime already. So woke up at 5 and did a 6-7 klick run. Not bad, considered that I haven't run for a while. Jing Jie (a brother in my school min, also a great runner) says that when training, go 75-80% most of the time and only hit 100% once in a month or so. I think that works. I just cannot live without exercise. Well... I can, except that I'd feel like I'm sleep-walking throughout the day.

(Heh, I have this friend who sleeps around 2 plus a.m. everyday, then comes to school. Interestingly, he gets most of his sleep during lecture time. He's so good. He's only been caught by one teacher so far- considering he's been doing this for more than a year already.)

Saturday late-morning. Went to school for Family Day. Was alright. Spent some good time with Jie Hau... Great spiritual ally to have. We were just talkinig about the bands that were playing in school. Jie Hau was telling me that like it or not, the hard rock and pop- worldly music they were playing that morning would sort of infect us a bit for the rest of the day. I (and Jie Hau) are of the opinion that wordly music should be avoided as much as possible. It just makes no sense to fill your mind with useless garbage. It simply makes no sense to sing songs like "This is my cry, my one desire, just to be where you are Lord, now and forever" in church and before the Lord and then go into popular love songs like "you are my fire, my one desire. Believe when I say that I want it that way". I find that I cannot bring myself to sing these songs and still say that I love God.

Neither can I dance when my friends are playing in their rock band. All I can bring myself to do is clap feebly. What can a little dancing to the beat when a good band is playing do, you say? Well, I don't know about everyone out there. But I will only dance before the Lord. Other than that what's the point? What's the difference between dancing to worldly music and going crazy during rock concerts and lifting up your soul to an idol? It is my personal opinion that my attention to God must remain undivided.

Saturday evening kena spiritual attack. Fought it off, thank God. Whew. That was close.

Saturday night was YPM and High Praise. I really enjoyed worshipping God during High Praise. Uncle Daw Ching was very enthusiastic during his sermon. I enjoyed his sermon. Think he raised many good points.

Sunday morn, which is today. Woke up. QT spilled over from a half hour to one hour to one hour twenty minutes. Good stuff.

Next week will be quite hectic. Oh well, what did God tell me at the start of the year anyway? That this year would be even tougher than the last, but God would be with me through it all.

A wonderful verse: (Thanks goes to Amelia for providing me with a Parallel bible so many months back)

A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated. But two can back-to-back and conquer and three are even better. For a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

- Ecclesiastes 4:12

Truly, the Lord has provided me with so many warriors. Some stronger some weaker but all combat fit to stand back-to-back with me so that we fight. In school, in church, in life. Praise God for all He has done.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

C maths test tml

C maths test tml. God help me!

Today had ODAC till 8+ again. Reached home. Finished dinner by 10. Heh. Hopefully, prayer-fully, when I grow up and work, I won't have such late nights out.

Lately, I feel that I've not been exercising my spiritual muscles as much as I should. Quite a bit of the passion for the Lord seems to be drying up. Lord! Tolong!! The apostolic passion for my school especially. Haven't been fasting lunch for a few weeks too.

Told God that I wanted to train up for my NAPFA- when that was over I wanted to train up for Rinjani (did I mention that my parents actually approved it? WOW. It's volcanic some more, they weren't half as freaked out as I thought they'd be when I mentioned that Rinjani was also volcanic! *play Hallelujah music* )... but if you really think hard enough, if you spend enough time with God, fasting or otherwise, you'll gain more of the Lord in your life! And if you're looking for time to exercise, or to study, or to do things that bring you joy, most surely God will provide!

School now is rather busy, but some people have it harder, I know.


Our Christian Group strikes me as getting a little bit nuah* now leh. A lot less passion as I see it (sorry guys, just my perspective). Like now it's a Friday thing, when that Friday is just meant to meet up and share to strengthen a 7-DAYS a week ministry. Well Lord, please help us to do what would please you. (On my own part, I see myself thinking so much less bout sharing Christ with those around... bad)

Lord, fresh fire and renewed passion for your child please?

Need to ZZZ soon. Night everyone!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


It's just another one of those moments where I have so much flying around in my mind, but yet so little to say.

Samson and Caleb- yearh, you guys know what's going on. Please continue to pray for me.

Yesterday morning ODAC went to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to trek. Just before we began one of my buddies, Teck needed to use the toilet to shit. So we just went to the nearby condominium and walked straight in, past the guardhouse. We figured out that there'd be a toilet near the swimming pool, and there was! So he did his stuff while I walked around. The best part was this- as we walked out I just couldn't resist the temptation to wave to the guard. And the guard nodded back at me! As if I was some resident he knew. I came to the conclusion that the only difference between living in a condo and a HDB as far as security is concerned, is that for a HDB estate, the burglar goes straight into the house. For a condo, the burglar walks past the guard and waves to the guard as he lives.

Got tekaned for making a mistake too. But I don't exactly consider it to be a mistake, not that my opinion really matters in this. Got humiliated for it- which I see as good rather than bad, since I am forming certain opinions as to how I should NOT treat anybody put under me in future.

Yesterday at YPM a brother gave me this word, which I don't wish to post here (sorry hor). Last week also I got another word from God. That makes up a lot of words from the Lord. Right now I'm going through a couple of things with the Lord... but this I know. That God-willing, shall I live to tell the tale I will become a stronger warrior in the spiritual realms. God seems to be demanding a lot from me lately. And I'm not complaining cuz I myself asked for Him to draw me closer, purify me and strengthen me.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


This week has been rather busy.

Ever since I got out of APTS (Academic Progress Tracking System). (praise God) and got back to ODAC, life's been settling back to it's busy self. I have many better-not-said feelings bout this CCA. But what I decided is this. From now till the end of my term, I want to serve all the people in ODAC for God. I guess that's what Jesus would do. But I'm sort of waiting to leave still.

Monday was ODAC which ended at 8:45p.m. plus... Reached home 9 plus.

Tuesday was a lecture by the Saudi Crown Prince at Raffles City. Reached home around 9.

Wednesday was ODAC NavEx and training which ended again at 8 plus.

Today was ODAC again, doing some form of yeoman service. Ended 8 plus.

Saturday will be trekking at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve for the morning.


Lord ah, I really don't know what to say... Need more sleep here.

Samson, Lowell, Joseph, Caleb. I think I'll have to extend my hiatus from bible study. Sorry guys. But "I'LL BE BACK". Someday. Heh.

Excerpt of the day.

(After Lowell asks me to go bible study via sms)

Tai Yong: Can't. You guys proceed pls, don't count on me going lah.

Lowell: But we miss you...

Tai Yong: I could be bought with 35.5 million. No money no talk.

Lowell: Riches on land count for nothing! When you die they will go away! But come my brother and you can receive spiritual riches...

Tai Yong (after laughing... cuz Lowell sounds like a Pastor): 34.9 million. Take it or leave it.

And the Pastor ignores me from this point onwards. Haha.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time (Geoff Bullock)

The chorus

"Now is the time to worship You
Now is the time to offer You
All of my thoughts, my dreams and plans
I lay them down
Now is the time to live for You
Now is the time I'm found in You
Now is the time your kingdom comes"

Putting you first, Lord. For I am first and foremost a soldier in the Lord's army, snatched from the gates of hell, and now raiding it as and when my Commander pleases. A servant in the house of the Almighty. An adopted child justified by grace. An heir of the Kingdom which is to come.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. - Matthew 6:33

Some things in my life have superseded the Lord, especially during the past week.

Now, O Lord, take the throne once again.

Tapis 2 and Birthday Party

Summit!!!! B-e-a-utiful. Wonderfully magnificent is God's creation.

A closer view of the sea of clouds. Those green lil "hills" are the other mountains. The cloud level is around 900 to 1000m, if you're wondering. Heh, was asking this buddy who took Physics how long it'd take for a person to hit the bottom if he jumped from the peak. He was telling me theoretically, under 15 seconds, barring air resistance.

The next day. Injured party. Slacking at the foot of Rainbow Falls. I was taking the picture from another lorry.

Uncle Tan.

My surprise birthday party.

They came and messed up my house!!!!

A close up of the marauders.

Tapis 1

And here are a few belated picts
Alan and I in tent. 1st night at Kem 3. We were smiling. But photos only tell so much... we were very very tired. Trekked for 6-7 hours plus with our full loads already. Then returned to find our tents wet and used our shirts to dry the tent. 9 plus then. Had to wake up at 3 a.m. the next morn to scale summit.

Night trekking to summit. An ardous 4 plus hour Class 4 scrambling ascent. 500m above sea level to summit (approx. 1512 m-if I still rmb correctly). Thank God we didn't have to carry the full pack. (N.S. guys don't laugh... know you guys can do much better...)

Sun peaking through the clouds. Little moments of exhilaration that pushed us up to the very top…

Near summit, 20 metres to go if I remember correctly.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Right... Had Napfa test today. Got what I asked God for, though I somehow felt like I could have done way better. Was off-form today... almost cramped up while running the first lap for 2.4 (which has never ever happened in my 18 years of existence) but still made it through, thank God.

Tried uploading some picts on Tapis .... unsucessfully. Will try another time.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Testing out how to add picts.

Precision Drill. Learnt all this in 3 months. People usually spend 2 years. During our promos some more. Got 3rd. I sort of miss those days where we'd just train and enjoy the camaraderie. Not half as close to my present CCA mates as these guys. This 10 guys you see here, we were all the committed ones that remained out of a whole batch of 40 plus. Those cadet mates of mine... really something. Capable and tough they'd grown over 4 years.

And while I'm at it. This one was taken on the last NPCC parade before POP (Passing Out Parade). These guys here are (were, rather), the Sec. 2s. Now they're the Sec 4 NCOs... Somehow a part of my heart still is in NPCC, but I know I shouldn't cha1 shou3 in the unit now that I'm out... Deciding not to go for Dec 04 CIBTC was one of the toughest decisions in my entire life. But still, I dare say my life would have been quite different had I become a CI. Wouldn't have gone for lifesaving course... wouldn't have gone for Dec 04 Revolution Church Camp (which by the way, changed my life) or the Childrens' Camp that year... would be so different a person I think.

Yearh, Romans 8:28- that all things work together for good to those who love God.

And here I am. Holding the precious drill cane for the 2nd last time in my life as a cadet. Kee Kien, me, Andrew Goh.

Registered for NS med exam. Wonder what NS will hold for me.