Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Prayer requests for next few days

- Draw closer to God (will fast tomorrow)

-For the Spirit of God to come in His own special way during Christian group tomorrow.

-That I may continue to honour God in my studies (quite exhausted these few days- doing J1 ODAC recruitment, planning for Tapis, studying for a couple of tests). 1st term I think I've worked hardest I have in 3 or 4 years.

-To have a wonderful trek on Gunung Tapis- 1500m from 10th to 14th. Which isn't too hard, if you're wondering.

-To have oppurtunities to share Christ along the trip, never mind if it's my friends or the guide or locals or bus driver.

-To be able to go Mount Rinjani in June, God-willing, God-willing.

P.S. If you've got time, go key in "Mount Rinjani" in yahoo search or something. Try typing "volcanic activity" or something along those lines as the key word, and you'll see why I'm rather excited.

For those who are to lazy to do that

tut tut, lazy lazy, get some finger exercise.

a bit more to go

wish you'd typed the keyword instead?

sorry, I'm in crappy mood today

Rinjani is 3.7km+ high. You minus 6.4 deg. celcius for every km you ascend. That means it works out to be 8 deg or less up at Rinjani's summit. It's an active volcano. Last time it erupted was October 2004 and before that 1994, where 30 were killed... I'm not too worried cuz I reckon MOE won't dare to approve anything that's not safe. yeah, going there will require the info of Indonesia's met service ( I wonder whether it's effective). Heh, asked my teacher whether he knew it was volcanic and his immediate response was, "Don't worry, we'll be buying insurance". Trips not 100% confirmed, but I'm praying that I can go. (gave up something else for this- chance to represent the school in a team sent to a Model United Nations conference in June, NUS-organised- thank you kor, Caleb, Jia En for praying!)

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