Friday, March 03, 2006

My Christian Group in school

Things were pretty amazing today.

Yeah, we had Christian group, in school. The presence of God was just there (and interestingly, thankfully the presence of God has been so strong for the past few meetings). The prayers for the school flowed with a certain sort of clarity and power that I know came from the Spirit. We were filled with joy- just from simply knowing that we are placing this ministry in God's hands and He'll show us how.

We have 7 members now. Wee.

The Holy Spirit impressed something upon my heart today. And that is, if God has justified a certain person or certain people, who am I to judge that person? Are my standards higher than my Lord's? No! For Christian group I have been selective in asking people to come. For the initial stages, as we set up a responsible core group, I guess that it was necessary. Now I think that my Father wants me to just freely invite people, regardless of what I or others think of them. Who am I, a mere servant, to attempt to place a limit on the Lord's grace?

For the past few weeks we've been doing icebreakers, praise and worship, then fellowship. We will probably be moving in the direction of getting J1s to come (we prayed and know that God has already designated the appointed ones for our group), fasting and praying for the school, prayer-walking... maybe bible study.

We pray that this group will not be a group that is here today and gone tomorrow, but that God's banner be firmly established in this land, our school. I do not know if any other AJCians have asked for so bold and clearly defined a request as revival- to see hundreds come to God and the whole atmosphere changed. But what I do know is that the Lord has it all under control. We pray that we will only be the first generation of prayer-warriors and godly servants, that batch after batch of AJCians will follow after us. That AJC will permanently be a place where God's presence is felt, in every passageway, every classroom.

Lord, I just want to thank you for the wonderful people you've already sent to this group. Continue to send more I pray. And make us willing to submit to your will in this place, for you are God our Saviour, and our hope is in you all day long (Psalm 25:5)


Next week will be busy. Settling some stuff last minute for my Gunung Tapis trek. Shouldn't be too much of a problem, the trek. Will be setting off on Friday 10th. Back on Tuesday 14th. It's supposed to be of medium difficulty. Will see. It'll be a fantastic rest from the books.

And yeah, I decided not to take the June beach-rescue course. It'd have been 3 days, but then I'd probably need 2 more days to cover the theory (e.g. what to do if kena stung by Jellyfish, or stone fish, hypothermia, hyperthermia... etc.) and another 2 to recover physically. I need any time I can spare to rest and study. I have to get my studies right this year. I told God that at the start of this year, and I meant it. And since I mean it, I will do it.

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