Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It's been a little while since I was down. Perhaps it's a spiritual test.

These couple of days I get frustrated and worried easily, I'm not too sure why. My mom is convinced that my Tapis trip made me tired and I'm bearing the consequences now. I guess that's at least partly true.

Haven't managed to get too much homework done these couple of days too. But I WILL start full steam by tomorrow. I WILL NOT let this one get me down, by God's grace.

Flunked my latest C maths class test. Was doing it halfway and I just knew I'd made 2 careless mistakes. Then tried to check but just couldn't get it. Careless, careless. Ah... I have to practice a lot harder I guess.

Studying to me is important. At the start of this year I decided to honour the Lord with my studies (that's my full-time job right now). It ain't been easy forcing myself to pay attention in lectures and tutorials, but Lord, you know I've already done my best that past quarter of the year. Give me strength to do my best for this quarter I'm in now.

Have a speech contest coming up next Monday. Cuz I qualified for the finals after that impromptu speech some time back (rmb? Dragons are real...). Ah, I just seek to have fun and let my audience have an enjoyable time. That's all. To win or not is secondary. Not to worry.

Acknowledging bros and sis- Who I really thank God for.

Caleb Lim- Know you're tired too bro. Know you're studying friggin hard. Know you're seeking the Lord. Keep going man. Pray for you every morning. May God bless your cell in school, your ministry in CM, your life and your walk. I have faith that you'll grow up to become a strong man of God. Who fears God and nothing else.

Samson- Keeping you in prayer too man. Trying to figure out how you keep your cool through all that workload... must learn more from you bro. Pray for your relationships, your ministries, your walk.

Lowell- Thanks for praying for me the past few days bro. When I went to climb the mountain, when I came back, when I told you I felt frustrated. Thank you bro! Pray that your sailing stuff gets settled in a smooth, God-glorifying way.

Mei Yan- You still read my little blog, sis? Let's keep our CG in prayer.

Jing Jie- Man, I wonder whether you still read my blog a not lor. Know you got asthma, pray it doesn't keep you down for long. Keep trusting in God! (and keep the CG in prayer!)

Pam- Thanks for continually reading my blog! You have been a wonderful encourager! Continue to grow in God even when you're overseas.

Jia En- Thanks for the prayer support and the strengthening words of advice. I pray that you'll grow up to become a woman of faith. God has great plans for you sis, even right now with your school's cell I believe He's doing His work. You and Chong Lip keep going!

Daniel Yim- Keep going bro. Been praying for you for increased wisdom and discernment. God will provide everywhere you go. Every step you take He will watch over. You're already an adult, but I know God will continue to water and sow into your life. Just keep your hope in Him bro!

Many other friends I'd like to thank and acknowledge ... Jie Hau, Wan Lin, Glenn, Joseph Tiew etc. ... but I figure you don't read my blog... (let me know if you do k?)

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