Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sensitive mature stuff.

Lately, I've just been reminded how the world has perverted one of God's sweetest creations- sex.

Yeah, I bet even me mentioning it in such a candid way is bound to you sit up a little bit more. Why? Cuz sex has been portayed in such a perverted way by everything around that it's no longer viewed by even us Christians as something good to talk about. That's really sad.

All the mixed-up values they propose in sex-ed classes don't quite help either. Those values such as "masturbation is natural- studies have shown that many animals do it" (well, many animals kill their own kind for food too... the "natural" argument is about the stupidest I've heard.) Or the "have no more than one sex partner- of course abstain if you can" (Like saying, "Well, try not too steal too much, best not to steal if you can"

Any wonder why values are eroding? Any wonder why there was the most recent sex video controversy? Any wonder why sex is a subject treated either with crudity and vulgar expression amongst the youth who belong to the world or with shame amongst the more "refined" and conservative ones?

Been reading this book I borrowed from Joseph- Boy Meets Girl. By Joshua Harris. It contains advice on when to start courtship and what to consider before getting married, in a very God-centred way. Why does it interest me? Cuz one day I AM going to do be in love and get married and have kids, God-willing.

The discussion in that book is rather mature. Especially in the last few pages. I would recommend it to all who are say, 15 and above.

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