Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life can only get more interesting from this point.


What a week. Last week was most... blessed. Life gets so much more interesting when God is involved. The surprise tests and oppurtunities God throws into my life went pretty well last week.

Saturday. After the pot luck at YPM, I headed home. 2130 hrs. I got down bus 55. Walked about 200m to the traffic light... which was when I discovered that "Man. I just lost my handphone". My reflex action was to run back to the bus-stop where I alighted. Boarded the next 55 and sat on it all the way to Bishan interchange, near Junction 8. The real amazing thing was that I never panicked through it all. Just kept praying and thanking God that He could work through the circumstances. I asked the Lord to take control and make something of my situation. I think that the reason why I could find so much peace in God was that I've been spending time consistently with the Lord in my morning QT as of late.

And, you will see how God used my situation.

Approx. 2200. Reached the interchange. Went to talk with the nice uncle at the control station, who checked on his computer and told me that, "小弟啊。要等到十一点四十五那辆巴士才会转一圈回来。你要等吗?" (bus will be back at 11-45pm. You want to wait?)

To which I replied yes. Called my parents to tell them, assured them that I'd be able to find a way home, no problem bout that. And then I took the uncle's advice to "先去喝杯咖啡吧!" (go for a kopi). Went to get some stuff from KFC. And then I sat at the stone bench outside the control station.

Since I had so much time... I decided to do some street-evangelism. (Some people say that they need the Lord's prompting before they evangelize. I strongly disagree.) Looked to my side and saw this Indian man drinking a beer and with a pack of cigarettes next to him... that seemed like a good place to start.

So I prayed. Told God that I'd do it and asked for help.

And I shared Christ with him. He was a Malaysian Indian. A Hindu. I spoke plainly to him. No fancy words. Plain, simple English. He told me that "many people also tell me Jesus (is) good"

He accepted Christ. Wow. What never fails to amaze me is how God's Spirit works even when I am so limited. It wasn't my words which convinced the man's heart. It was God's Spirit. No glory to me. All glory to God. I simply obeyed.

And then the buses came at 2345. I searched them. No handphone- even though I prayed that I'd find it on the bus. So I went home, still praising God. Hey! Losing a handphone was worth it all, y'know. Took a taxi to my alighting point. Spent a good 15 min combing the area. No handphone. So I got home at around 0030 hrs- when my parents told me that a nice lady had found the phone and would return it the next day.

Wow. The wonders of a mighty God.

Sunday. Rusty Russell came. A prophet. A very very hilarious speaker who is as unpredictable as the weather. I'd asked for a prophecy from God for some time. And I'd been hoping to get one- though I still asked for God's will to be done. I was very disappointed- I told God on the spot. Caleb Lim, my close friend knew I was disappointed. Think Joseph Tiew knew too. Ah, Caleb always seems to get a prophecy from Rusty Russell. The last time was simply hilarious- just as he was heading to the toilet. Caleb Lim. (It's gone!. Thought you'd stop by to check, bro. Haha.). May God use you strongly bro. Joseph Tiew. A man hungry for God. God sees your hunger!

And guess what God told me. Not audibly, but clear enough.

"Tai Yong. Do you really need a prophecy? What do you lack? You have me"

Ah, the wonders of a mighty God. It seems that God never seems to do things I want them done. Lord ah, always like that one. So I bo pian* lor. You are God what.

And then as Rusty Russell prayed over me. He started praying in tongues. The interpretation?- "Take heart, my son". Then he prayed for fire and annointing. Just what I'd been asking God for the week before during my QT.

So yeah, more than yes, I received something from that ministry.

Went with Caleb Lim to Junction 8 to find the new brother from the last night. Passed him a bible and some stuff from our church- got it from Matthew Chern.

And then school reopened on Monday.

Nope, nothing too miraculous for the past 2 days. Tried to share Christ with my tuition teacher. Found out that someone had already brought him to church. Oh well, may God work in him.

Today, Wenesday. Bouldered for like 3 hours. Been some time since I last climbed. Had to tape my fingers halfway through the training to prevent blisters.

March hols there's a 5 day overseas expedition. Trekking up Mt. Tapis in Kuantan (I think), M'sia.

Considering taking an advanced lifesaving course in June. Bronze cross. Beach rescue. Something like Baywatch... but then all lifeguards seem to think Baywatch is trash. Deciding whether or not to go, cuz June there's one more expedition coming up. Mt. Rinjani (that should be how it's spelled). Indonesia, if I'm not wrong.

And my life can only get more interesting from this point.


pamela said...

praise God :)
indeed amazing how He uses us despite our weaknesses.
Continue with passion for the Lord.
Blessed Valentine's :)

tyong said...

Thank you sista!

Have fun where you are. Wah. By the time you come back for good I'll be an NS boy already-or is it past my NS. And you'll be a PSYCHO(logist).

Time flies.