Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hey everyone. I'm still alive!

I'm amazed I'm still alive.

Why God, do you keep me alive?

Guess there must be some reason as to why I still walk on this planet. A God-given destiny. Ah, Lord, I really do enjoy every moment of my life with you right now. As your plan unravels slowly in my life. Bit by bit. Lectures and tutorials sometimes get a wee bit tiring, but then what really keeps me going is when I remind myself to ,"concentrate. This is for God's glory and honour. Tahan!" ODAC hours are long. I came home tonight at 9 p.m. Sure, some CCAs are even longer, but thank you Lord, for understanding exactly how I feel.

Thank you Lord.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Had impromtu speech on Monday. Proverbs 27:2 says to "Let another praise you, not your own mouth, someone else, not your own lips". So as I say this, please bear in mind that I am not trying to sing my own praises, rather, just sharing this experience with all of you, my beloved bros and sis in Christ. Any praise goes to God.
Speech was excellent. 6 speakers from Arts Fac. I think the whole Arts Fac was in audi. I kind of did some research on the topic, which was "Politics". Then came along and saw that the question was "Politics- Should the old make way for the young?" So I promptly decided to hijack the question and twist it so that old referred to the ruling party and young to opposition. Then I'm not quite sure what got into me.
(At this point, some background info. My class has a joke. All began when one of my buddies saw a documentary which claimed that dragons were real. Ever since then, we've been raising our hands in tutorials (let's say, C maths) halfway through, poker-faced, only to ask the beleaguered tutor. "Ma'm, did you know that dragons are real?". Heehee)
So I went up, and I went something like "Good morning everyone. Did you know that dragons are real? ... And if you're thinking what this has to do with politics... well, nothing, actually."
And yup, I just had fun throughout the whole speech, criticizing the opposition (let's face it, they're really really terrible).
Really want to thank God, cuz I was praying that I'd simply enjoy the experience. In the end the whole LT enjoyed it. Many came up to me to tell me that I'd done a great job. Something that's never ever happened to me before.
And after that, I just went to be by myself and pray, that God would guard me against pride- I was feeling the opening for such an attack.
Tuesday. Yesterday. Went through school as per normal. Came home for C maths tuition, really tired at the end of all that. Outside my house some construction stuff is going on. No idea why they have to power drill the entire playground to bits so that they can redo it and still end up with a playground.
Talked to Daniel Yim over the phone last night. Real glad to have him as one of my bros in Christ.
Oh dear, look at the time. 10:53 p.m. Time to sleep soon. Use the com for less than 2 hours a week these days, so it's really great to be able to sit down and blog- and read other's blog. Sorry all who read, this post must be really long once published. Tai Yong just happens to be in the grandfather-telling-story-mode.
Well, off to read one or two more blogs. Then sleep. Still a looong way to go tomorrow. QT in the morn... then ODAC meeting 7a.m. ... then my longest school day...
What am I still doing here.
No idea.
Aargh. Just publish the post man!

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