Monday, January 09, 2006

Quick Update

A very very quick update on how things've been going for me.

I've changed my lifestyle. Now I do what matters most first. I have completely abandoned the old lifestyle of coming home from school or church and sitting down at the computer to use the internet. Now I keep internet usage to within 2 times a week, max 1 hr a time.

I've been waking up a half hour earlier everyday to do my QT- which is something like 10 minutes of praying for people and ministries (Childrens' min, the youth, AJC) and then about 15 minutes of word study and 5 minutes of prayer again.

I've been concentrating in class. I find that somehow my attitude this year is different from the last. Last year I was proud. Last year I disdained lectures and tutorials. Now I know I must be humble and learn what I can. Last year I kept questioning the education system. This year I waste no time on that- no point, I have to get my studies right this year.


Lord, you see these offerings. An offering to you. I am studying hard for you, Lord. You made me realise in the past month how much harder I have to study for your glory. For I am just a steward of studies right now. You made me realise that if I want to offer my whole life to you, I have to be a good steward of what I already have before you put even more under my stewardship. For everything I have in this world. Money, possessions, yes, even my physical being. All these are under my stewardship.

And Lord, thank you for blessing me with a parallel bible from Amelia who got it from Matthew!


I fasted for AJC from 6a.m. to 6p.m. last Friday. Prayed for the school. I pray by faith. (And I know by faith that God will answer this prayer.) That the entire atmosphere in this school will be changed. That hundreds upon hundreds of AJCians will turn to Christ. That all who already bear His name will step out in faith to proclaim it.

And speaking of proclaiming it, I must thank God for answering a prayer of mine some time back for oppurtunities to witness.

My Lord didn't just give me one or two.

He gave me the whole class (minus those who went for orientation)- so that was like 14, I think.

It happened during GP tutorial.

We were doing presentations on religion. Had to explain them on the spot. My group got Christianity. Guess who went out to present.

I went through the fall of Adam to the death of Christ and how He died for our sins. I may not have done too excellent a job, but I know God was with me and that I had good prayer support(I smsed Samson, Caleb, Lowell, Joseph and Glenn to pray for me). But I am just joyful that God gave me the chance to share and I wasn't afraid. I sincerely believe that it is the power of the Holy Spirit that convicts people. Not my words. I can give the best presentation but if the Spirit of God is not there, my words shall come to naught.

All for now. Sleeping. Then waking up to do QT and then study. 300 + more days of discipline. Then shall my A's pass. I shall do this with gladness, for I know I am doing it to honour God.

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