Thursday, January 12, 2006


Had C Maths and GP test today. Was ok, I think.

If I don't get too many careless mistakes, I should score well for C Maths- To all those who have no idea what this means, it will mean that I would have passed my first C maths test since last April.

GP teachers have a supernatural ability to zoom into fallacies. I suspect that they enjoy it. Enjoy sniffing out the blood of their prey. Enjoy the thrill of zooming in to the kill. I suspect that each time they set their blood red pens to paper they laugh their evil laughs and whoop with glee in anticipation of their student's sufferings. And when their students cry their tears of blood the teachers happily collect these blood-drops in their buckets and go off to fill their red pens with more blood.

Heehee. Naw. Actually I don't mean that. I quite like the way GP teachers pick out fallacies. For it builds us up as people. Teaches us to take criticism. Teaches us how to avoid mistakes and construct a full-proof, logical statement.

And, I thank God that I'm actually beginning to study. It takes a lot of discipline to do this don't-touch-the-computer thing. (I've got exactly 14 minutes from this moment till I force myself to get off the internet). But it will pay off. By God's grace.

I think that God took away this study-thing from me for a reason. Taught me that I have to thank God for everything He's given me. Now I must honour God with my studies again.

My student life has been interesting. I have been at the top of the class and at the bottom of the class. I have known what it is like to be praised in front of my peers and what it has been like to be scolded in public (though I admit that when my friends and I are told to keep quiet by anyone on stage, it's usually more of a hilarious affair- and if you're wondering, my classmates and I know no shame...). I have experienced being looked up to- one of the divine-few who soar high above the danger of failing exams, and yet I have experienced being among the mortals who struggle just to keep afloat. I have understood the exultation of doing well in a national exam (PSLE) and getting far below what I expected (O'levels), and believe me, when I got my O's I almost cried. I have at one time loved the education system and saw all its advantages but now see its limitations and understand that life is the most comprehensive module I can ever take.

And just as I am about to write some more I realise that it is exactly 10:08 and I have used the computer for exactly 1 hour and the next time I can use it is next week.

Poof*. I'm gone.

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