Friday, January 27, 2006

Apostolic Passion

Let me take some time to type out some relevant stuff regarding Christian Groups in schools.

Got this stuff from Matthew Chern.

By a person called Floyd McClung.

"Too many people want the fruit of Paul's ministry without paying the price that Paul paid. He died daily. He was crucified with Christ. This strong-willed, opinionated man knew that he must die to self. he knew that in his flesh, he couldn't generate the revelation of Christ. So he died. He abandoned his life. He abandoned himself.

We live in a world of competing passions. If we do not die to self and fill our lives with the consuming passion of the worship of God in the nations, we will end up with other passions. It's possible to deceive ourselves into thinking we have Biblical passions when, in reality, all we have done is to baptize the values of our culture and give them Christian names. We will have chosen apostolic passion only when our hearts are filled with God's desire for his Son to be worshipped in the nations.

May I encourage you, dear friend, to give up your life? I challenge you to pray this prayer: "Lord, be ruthless with me in revealing my selfish ambition and my lack of willingness to die to myself."

A young man in bible school offered to help David Wilkerson years ago when he was ministering on the streets of New York City. Wilkerson asked him how much time he spent in prayer. The young student estimated about 20 minutes a day. Wilkerson told him, "Go back for a month and pray two hours a day, every day for 30 days. When you've done that, come back. Come back, and I might consider turning you loose on the streets where there is murder, rape, violence and daner... If I sent you out now on 20 minutes a day, i'd be sending a soldier into battle withou any weapons, and you would get killed.""

Sometimes I wonder why God put me in a school with such hard ground. An environment where it just doesn't seem right to talk about God. Christians abound who are not too ready to step out in their faith. People are in bondage. Every other guy I know seems to be in ponography or talks about immoral things. There is little unity. I cannot recall a single person who is proud to be in this school. If people have passions here, it is either about the latest fashion or the latest soccer news or the latest computer game or the latest pop group. Other people starting groups elsewhere seem to have softer ground. Christian schools and Christian-friendly schools. But then I really am in no position to speak on this. I'm just a servant in my Lord's house.

At the end of the day I everything goes by faith. Starting a Christian group... I sincerely believe that it's not me or my core group who leads this army. It's God. We're just servants playing a small part. God will work on the larger areas. Like spiritual strongholds and attacks of the evil one. Somehow God still involves us, though I know He'd have absolutely no problem sending in a few legions of angels and taking the school without us. All we have to do is pray and spread His word. And God will do the great work.

I have observed so many Christians who simply pray, but do not spread God's word. Who speak in tongues in the morning but can spend the day with vulgarities flowing from the mouth. Just as the word says in James 3, saltwater and spring water cannot flow from the same source. As the people of God, how is it possible that we can pray for God to annoint our schools but yet shut up when it comes to sharing His word when we are with our friends? You ask how we can share His word? Do you not speak with friends each day?- pray for oppurtunities to share and if you really mean it and ask God for it non-stop, I guarantee you that the chances will come! Is your face (which by the way, is only temporal) worth so much that it would deny you the chance to share Christ with your friends? Is Jesus Christ worth more to you than all you have in this world?

And if the answer is yes, to the last question, then nothing should stop you from sharing Christ wherever you go. You don't have to wait for a calling. Just go and get it done. The Great Commission is already enough.

I thank him that enabled me, even Christ Jesus our Lord, for that he counted me faithful, appointing me to his service - 1 Timothy 1:12

I challenge all who read this. Are you sick enough of the hold of the devil on the world around you enough to share God's word? Are you tired enough of satan playing with your friends' lives to pray (and I mean pray with tears and power, not a 5-second, responsibility-fulfilling, conscience-saving prayer) for your schools?

Christ is coming again. Will we be ready to give an account of what we have done to our King if the rapture (presuming it's pre-trib) comes tomorrow?

P.S. No offence to all who read. Tai Yong does not apologize for being a Jesus-freak.


pamela said...

thanks for the timely message ty.
just what i needed...
keep on going bro.
youre not alone in this.

tyong said...

Thanks for reading, Pam

Keep going!