Monday, December 05, 2005

Going for Childrens' Camp

Going for Childrens' Camp tomorrow morn!

Couldn't go for camp briefing because of Standard Chartered Run 10 klick (which by the way, we did at so slow a pace that I didn't even come close to panting- easier than 2.4 sprint!!).

Didn't go for tonight's meeting in church because my mom forbade me. And it's my fault, being 17 already and piling up so much homework along with camps and stuff. Like my mom put it, "You take on so many camps and activities. So you've got to make sacrifices." True.

So tomorrow morn I'll make it early to camp.


Your humble servant is here.

Do whatever you want Lord.

Refine me, use me. Change me and use me to change others.

Here am I Lord. Not worthy to even untie your sandals. But only say the word, and it will be done.

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