Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fast one

Fast one.

I'll make an update within 5 minutes.

Just back from an ODAC camp. Quite refreshing. An instructorship camp. Sports climbing yesterday morn. Then navigated Singapore urban area for 15 klick with an approx 15 kg pack yesterday. Today was an approx. 18 klick kayaking expedition I think.

Lots more outdoor stuff next week. The kayaking 3 star's been packed into 4 solid days, so I'll probably be a little sun-kissed by then.

Childrens' camp last week was simply wonderful. God's annointing upon the place. The way He put lives in my hands for me to touch and the way He sent lives to touch me. People like Joseph and Caleb and Daniel Li, Daniel Ong, Daniel Yim, James Ow Yong, Jon Ho, Jia En, Phoebe, Gilbert.... the list of bros and sis go on.

Next camp's tomorrow. I'm really really looking forward to it. Yet I wonder if I am ready for it. But right now I just see it that I'm going and I'm gonna let my Lord handle all the rest. Partly becauuse I'm super tired.

Done in 5 minutes.

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