Thursday, December 22, 2005

Church camps ended. Kayaking now.

Yup, my 2 church camps just ended.

Childrens' camp was wonderful. I think I didn't do too good a job as a main teacher. Thank God my assistant teacher Phoebe (but I think she was really doing the main job throughout) covered for me all the time I wasn't around. I received a lot from the Lord too. Learnt so much. But I won't post it up just yet.

YPM camp was pretty physically exhausting. Thank God I got through. I think my mental exhaustion (after the ODAC Instructor Camp) got in the way of me thinking clearly or leading effectively during some parts of the camp. I still have a long way to go as far as leadership is concerned. But I thank my Lord that He gave me a terrific group. Zero problems. Excellent attitude. God-seeking hearts. And a wonderful assistant leader (Sandy) who once again covered up a lot for the fatigued, ever-busy leader. And a good group mentor too. (Caleb Koh). He took note of some areas where I could improve and told me in an encouraging manner, even though I was obviously under-performing.

Also I thank my Lord for all the wonderful bros and sis throughout these 2 camps. Caleb Lim, Joseph Tiew, Samson Hu, Daniel Ong, Daniel Yim, Daniel Li, Gideon, Jia En, Phoebe, Sandy, Siew Ho, Guang Hao, Dickson, Wang Xian, Joshua Ho, James Ow Yong, Gabriel Lee, Samuel Chao... oh dear, the list could go on forever.

21 to 24 December is my kayaking 3-star course. I'm an okay kayakist. Couldn't paddle straight once, but now I'm pretty ok. All the rolls and all I haven't mastered yet, though. Don't think I'll go for assessment though. So that'll make me a 2.5 star kayakist.

Seeking God daily now.

I realised that for the past year I have not been a faithful steward of my studies. Not that I copy or anything... sometimes I just don't do my work. And being pretty thick skinned, it doesn't hurt my pride to tell the teacher straight... and they just shake their heads. Nope. My attitude was all wrong last year. This year it'll change. I will study hard. I will be a faithful steward of my studies. I will do what matters first.

I have to get my studies right in the year to come.

So help me God.

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