Friday, December 30, 2005

The art of relaxation

Heard it many times.

Never really managed to put it to practice until lately.

I went swimming this morning. Haven't been swimming for almost 6 months. Last time I touched the pool waters was in June, Lifesaving Course.

Swam the 16 laps warm-up routine Uncle Patrick always made us do. In 20 minutes! Man, during Lifesaving I could do it under 11. And I already felt tired after that.

Swam 20 more laps, freestyle. Wonderful to feel the good pain in those muscles.

And then, miracle of miracles... I decided to relax! Just to enjoy. Just to go to the side of the pool and be content with closing my eyes and resting my head at the side of the pool. To hear the "waves" of the swimming pool hitting the pool side. To enjoy the bits of sunlight creeping pass my eyelids. To thank God that I could find the time to swim a bit, relax a bit.

That was a really wonderful morning, Lord. Thank you!

If you really think about it, life is just a journey. After the whole thing, at the end of this long day which we call life, all those who believe will make it to heaven. And then all that we ever did on this earth will not in the least compare to our heavenly inheritance. So often we do things because we want to achieve something. And after we have reached that something, we want to achieve something else.

So terribly rarely do we sit down to enjoy what we have achieved. Then life passes us by and we look behind us, wishing that we could live that life again. But nobody can live life again. You live life now. And you must enjoy each and every passing moment, for that is how God intended it. He came to give abundant life, whereas the evil one comes only to kill, to steal and to destroy.


pamela said...

yeah i agree with you.
hope the meeting witn your not-so-close relative went well. do as God asked u too, and leave the rest to Him. Salvation belongs to Him.
Blessed New Year, looks like an exciting and uphill journey for you but fear not, for He is with you.
Expect great things from Daddy! =)

tyong said...

Meeting hasn't taken place yet. Might not. Yup. Expecting great things from my Father in Heaven!