Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another year

Another year approaches.

In AJ, we'll be setting up Christian fellowship/ cell/ ministry (there's no name yet) afresh next year. Personally, I believe that it'll be an uphill battle. Secular school. The more organized a cell, the easier it is for it to be perscecuted. But then again, if our Daddy in heaven watches over us, who have we to fear?

I have this not-so-closely-related relative who has 4th stage cancer. I asked my parents to bring me along on the next visit so I can share Christ with her and her family. But I don't really know her. So it's going to be a bit touchy (if we even manage to arrange a date to visit her, and she lets us). But if you really think about it, hell is worse than death. The possibility of offending the person is a small risk to take, in comparison with the possible returns of a soul.

Picture this.

A rainy day, with a fog thick enough that you can't see past 50m. 10m in front of you you see a man. He's drunk and he's walking on the railway track. You hear the piercing sound of the train's horn getting louder.

And the man's still staggering down that track. Happily. Beer bottle in hand. Drunk. Lost in his happy world.

Would you not as a simple human being shout and scream and wave and try to get the man off the track? Or if the train was still some distance away, and you were strong enough, would you not push the guy of the track? I know I would at least shout to tell the man to get off.

For if the man does not get off, he will surely die.

And surely, the risk of the man being irritated with you, turning you down, even chasing you away with violent fists, of him being offended with you. This risk. Would you not take it? To save a life?

And perpetual torture of the soul is far worse than death. And we all know that.

Why then, Lord, is it so hard?

Give me boldness to fearlessly proclaim your word, Lord God. But I must remember that it is your Spirit, and not my lips which will melt hearts of stone. For I am just a humble servant declaring his King's word.

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