Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm going!

I'm going Childrens' Camp this year!

Signed up for this with faith that there'd be no ODAC activity. In the end ODAC got cock up in planning. Haha.

A glance back at this year.

Start of the year was pretty good. I walked close to God. Even though I didn't go YPM for first half a year, up till June, I enjoyed God's close presence. I got my lifeguard cert... which was why I didn't go YPM. Culture shock too in AJ. Girls and all. (Girls you ask? Well, I was in a guys' school for 10 whole years. Didn't really realize girls existed. Apart from the normal stuff we can't do in a mixed school- like taking off our shirts in the middle of the field, or changing in class, or the practical jokes in boys' schools, some too disgusting to mention (but fun!!) there was the worst part. TALKING to a girl. Now that took me some time to get used to!)

Then somehow after June, there was a roller-coaster period. Back to God and then turning my own way. Back to God then turning my own way.

From maybe October onwards till now, it's been pretty bad. Either you could say I've been thirsting for God or you could say that I'm far from God. Not sure which one myself. Probably the latter.

So, are church camps meant to be a booster jab for a spiritually ailing man such as I?


If God is the God of only church camps, I would rather be struck dead.

I'm serious.

I have faith that God is not the God of only church camps, and I'm seeking Him desperately now.

Of course half my life I've been seeking God desperately.

What more to say?

Oh yeah, thanks for listening.


pamela said...

hey bro,

i dont think there will ever be an end to seeking God desperately, till we meet Him of course.

In fact it's better that we are seeking Him desperately than not seeking Him at all.

Press on bro.

tyong said...