Sunday, November 27, 2005

church camp

I shall be going to the upcoming camps with many questions in mind, amidst a tight schedule and a mind not quite sure what to expect.

Like when you enter the principal's office because he wants to see you. Which I've done only once in my life so far, and no, not telling why he wanted to see me.

My schedule?

Next Tues (29 Nov) odac

Wed- odac

Thursday- service learning

Friday- odac (ASEAN Scholars' Orientation, infamously known by the acronym ASO- which sounds like...)

Saturady- Morning SAT test, evening YPM

Sunday- Standard Chartered 10 km run (think prob go there and be a slow poke. Fatso like me cannot run too fast. haha.)

Monday- 3 star kayaking

Tuesday (6 December)- Childrens' Camp begins. 4 days 3 nights of fun and challenges and God's loving kindness.

Friday (9 December)- Childrens' Camp ends

Saturday- YPM

Sunday- 3-star kayaking

Monday, Tuesday - much needed break chiong* homework

Wednesday (14 December)- YPM Rezolution Camp

Saturday (17 December)- Camp breaks

Sunday (18 December)- 3 star kayaking

After that, unknown.


Cool hor?

Being busy is sometimes good. Gives you no time for the luxury of worry.

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