Sunday, September 04, 2005

Today in YPM

Today in YPM.


Worship good.

Presence of God there.

Was kneeling there in front during altar call.

Received quite a bit from God.

(But hor, heh heh heh. I'll just put a brief outline here.)

1. Received this word that I should claim righteousness. It's the devil's lie that we can't live righteous lives for God. For sins which hinder my relationship with God, I need to claim righteousness. That when I recover from them, I need to have the faith that I'm not gonna fall again. That there doesn't need to be fear of the devil in the presence of God. (One thought tickles me, guess the devil's been reading my blog too, knows that I'm seeking God. Wants to try to put obstacles in our path. Well he's not gonna succeed!!!)

Read on. This one quite interesting. Thought so myself.

2. God gave me this mental image. This thought. Not a vision, but a clear mental image. Of God going before me in battle. This is what I pictured: from where I was standing, all I could see was this rider on a horse. That's God. And God's carrying a sword, and He's going before me in battle.

Let me check ESword. Ah there:

Isa 42:13 The LORD goes out to fight like a warrior; he is ready and eager for battle. He gives a war cry, a battle shout; he shows his power against his enemies. Yeah fits that description. Just like that, the mental picture.

And God slays all my enemies. I don't have to lift a finger. Doesn't matter whether or not I can overcome my enemies by myself, because my God can!

The word God gave me was this: That as I go out into battle, He will slay all my enemies. All that I will come across are the carcasses and corpses of my enemies on the battle field. And I will trample over them.

Cool huh.

Then after that went with Caleb Lim and Samson Hu into a room and shared and prayed. Thank God for these 2 bros. (Samson's the dai kor -big bro, though he's smaller in size than all of us in the discipleship group, he's really the spiritual giant amongst us). Lowell and Joseph too. haha. Joseph's getting bigger sized than me.

Prayerfully I'll be able to attend Children's Camp this year, as well as the YPM camp. 2 fantastic God-annointed events. Both special in their own way. Children's camp cuz I love children, love teaching children, love blessing and being blessed by them, and cuz God shows me so much through the eyes of His blessed young ones. YPM camp cuz God will work through that camp (I KNOW, not just believe). And I know I'm gonna receive lots from Him if I go. 2 life-changin' events, no exaggeration.

Now must tackle promos.

No fear in the presence of God. God will bring me through promos and to all bros and siss in Christ reading this, He's gonna bring you through too! Jing Jie, Mei Yan, Jie Hau, Wan Lin from school. Caleb and Lowell, God's gonna bring us all through beautifully.


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