Saturday, September 03, 2005

Pek Chek

Study until very pek chek ar, Lord.

Help me leh, God.

Tried to find some ppl to chat with me tonight. Nobody seems free. Feel kinda lonely right now.




Wanted to run today. but it rained. So just went for a walk under shelter. heh so sheltered we are as S'poreans. Could walk for like 500m under shelter.

Will try to run at 7 a.m. tomorrow.

Very simple one lah. Just 3 klick only.

Getting fat. Losing my packs. They're disappearing already. Arrr.

Used to be so fat I couldn't see my toes whenI stood straight and looked down. Then went very tough on myself and ate chocolates and ice cream and all that stuff like only once in 6 months. My record was no ice cream for 1+ years.

Muahaha. Getting fat again. Will go run. will go run.

And I WILL study too. God help me. Give me the strength

Was praying in tongues just now. Bout promos. Interpretation: "I bind you, spirit of fear and spirit of doubt. God is going to bring me through."


hey. Mei Yan's free to chat. yay.

In Caleb's words.

zao lo

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