Saturday, September 17, 2005

on studying

Been studying hard throughout the whole of this week. Thank you, Lord, for giving me strength. Thank you for giving me willpower. Teach me to use that willpower to set myself down to study for your glory. Truly, I need you Lord, to be by my side when I study.

Be by all my Christian bros and siss too. Teach them how to study, how to manage their time. Open up knowledge and understanding of all literature and learning to them, just as you did in the days of Daniel (Daniel 1:17). For everything that we don't know, you do. Trigo, integration, elasticity of DD and SS, Cold War, SEA History... what is that to you? It does not confound you like it does us. It is as clear as day to you.

Lord, you stretched your hand over the Red Sea, and it was parted. Now I ask and pray that you stretch your hand over our little Red Sea of bloodied exam scripts, and bring us through.

And, let us all peacefully and soundly in your arms.

In Jesus's name, amen.

P.S. Funny how I always start with a post and end with a prayer.

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