Saturday, October 01, 2005

Lest I later boast

It's God who told me to study, sustained me through 4 weeks of study, gave me the knowledge and understanding I needed to study and gave me calm.

I know it's God because those are the things that I prayed for, and He provided.

Lest I later forget and boast.

On a lighter note. Haven't posted anything bout this week yet.

The funniest moment this week:

-Discipleship on Tuesday night. Caleb, Joseph, Lowell and I. We were reading Samson's ahem*'s blog on his laptop while he was out of the room getting something. Then we clicked on some Yahoo News bout "Hurricane Rita" just before Samson came back into the room.

Samson: What you're looking at?

Us: Hahahahaha.

Lowell: Hurricane Rita

Us: Heehee

Samson sits down at his laptop. Checks history. But I already deleted the blog page from history.

Samson: Aiyah, you all cannot find anything on my laptop lah!

Us: Hahahaha

Then Samson fiddles here and there. Found out what we'd been looking at. Cuz I overlooked the little toolbar at the top. Didn't delete the address from there.

Samson: Orh, so you all look at her blog right? Think you all can hide from me is it?

Lowell: Huh? Hurricane Rita got blog meh? - Today I saw a man in my path. I couldn't stop.

Laugh laugh laugh.

Then we admitted lah, cuz it was pretty obvious already.

Caleb: And the best part is that... <>

Laugh laugh laugh. Caleb laugh loudest. I cannot stop. Laugh non-stop for 5 minutes. Laugh until cannot breathe. Laugh until I can feel my 6-pack coming up again. (So hor, thanks Caleb.)

Then we all laughed again.

Effectively using up most of the discipleship time crapping.

Did a spiritual gifts test. Thought it might not be accurate, in that such things cannot be tested using a limited human questionnaire, pretty interesting.

-My exorcism 0, as expected.

-Tongues (11) actually higher than interpretation of tongues (9)! Guess I should use the gift of interpretation more for God.

-Celibacy 7. Jiak lat. Bit too high. Wanna get married and have kids one leh. Heh heh. Somebody celibacy very low... wonder who hor? Actually 2 people, I think.

That's bout all the interesting stuff.

Continuing to study for promos!!

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