Sunday, August 14, 2005

What's up

A hectic week.

That's what.

Initially wanted to complain. But in place of that:

Do everything without arguing or complaining, so that you may be blameless and pure. Children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation in which you shines as stars do in the universe.

Philippians 2:14-15

Went to YPM today.

Felt a bit disconnected, but oh well.

Was being kinda cynical again. Analytical rather. My question:

How come the youth, when they go out to makan, are not evangelizing? Why don't we just take a few minutes off (Perhaps the half hour we take to make up our minds) to share Christ with some people across the street. There are so many unsaved people? Ok fine. Maybe it's too hard. But when we eat, is it too hard to do extremely simple things like thanking the aunty for cleaning the table, handing her a tract and asking her to visit us?

And yeah, I admit. It's hard. I tried inviting this hawker uncle to church. (He picked up Caleb Lim's wallet, so we struck up a conversation). the uncle ended up telling me to ask all my friends to eat at his coffeeshop. Told me his Sundays were busy- business is best on Sunday.


Right now it's 12:04. Means it's a new day!! What am I still doing awake? Typing out some emcee script. I realised lately that God's been letting me have chances to do lots of stuff. Emceeing for 2 events, doing an econs business project, which you get to keep 90% of profit earned, 2 essay competitions of 2000 words each, an NUS Chancellor's Quiz preliminary round... etc.

Just means I got a lot lah.

And that's on top of studies and ODAC.

...One part of the day I can't live without is QT. Turn off my hp. Spend a half hour with God. Nobody else. Just me in my room. Bible. Guitar. (as a sidenote, I don't sing well or play well)

Need to study for promos... thank God too for a supportive Mom and Dad.

Bro just booked out from OCS. yikes* They got books to study in there too. Came back talking about homework. yikes* yikes* yikes*. Thought NS was without books. Which was why I looked forward to it. I know it's tough, and I'll probably find it tough then, but right now some stuff in NS seems more rewarding than right now.

But right now also quite good lah. So many many friends. Very busy only.

Some time back I made the choice that I did not want to compartmentalise God. I think God should be a Christian's entire life, not just part of it. Anyone who says that God is a part of his or her life, or a big part ought to think again. God should own our lives. Be everything our life is about.

hee. A bit disorganised, this post.

But I'm tired physically now.

Caleb thinks I should get a tag board. yawn*. Should I? guess so. Some other time.

Right now its Econs, C maths, History, emceeing.

hahahaah. One of my 2000 word essays is about education. heh heh heh. Gonna write some super super super negative stuff about formal education. Gonna find some stuff to blast it as much as I can. Nvm that that one's going to be submitted to NTU. Let those there enjoy. (heard some uni lecturers criticize the system too... think Samson told me)

with that

buay buay. night night.

---------Running after God. Trying to at least.

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