Thursday, August 18, 2005

Right now

Right now I'm eating some stuff in front of the com after dinner. It's been a crazily busy period in my life. Just thought I'd take 5 to make a post.

Been busy with Econs business project. Which is an optional project in my school, for which the objective is profit maximisation and 10% goes back to the school. This one's crazy, cuz we were informed only on Friday that our proposal was accepted. Started on this Monday. Doing some auctions, personalised tee shirts and coconuts. Coconuts saw me and Firdaus (my business kar-kia) shouting in the canteen. Something like LAI AH LAI AH!!! SWEET SWEET COCONUT!!!! $1.50 $1.50!!!!! Very buay pai seh of us to do this, I know. But we really enjoyed ourselves.

Been busy with emceeing for Council and CCA Heads Investiture. Had to piece together a script last week. (eh, not emcees' job to write script y'know). Got back an accepted version only this morning. Then me and my co-MC, Chen Yu did emceeing today, the real thing, mind you. Heh heh. Really disorganized, the planning of the council investiture. Even the GOH wasn't assigned anyone to guide her around. Then after that this teacher came to me asking me why I'd left out presenting the GOH a souvenir in the script. Turned out that it wasn't even in the script. But all that being said (and I'm NOT complaining), the councillors are nice people. Enjoyed working with quite a few of them. My old comrade-in-arms Andrew and Wen Jie. Vincent, Wen E, Yvonne, Rahul.... dah dah dah. So many of them.

Been busy with schoolwork. C maths especially. Far behind in terms of assignments. Just pay almost full attention in class. Know it's not too good of me... heh. At least I don't lie. I tell my C Maths teacher straight that I don't do her assignments, when I don't do them.

Been busy with project work. Written report coming up soon. Workshops and all that stuff.

Been busy with people-stuff. I guess God's shaping me up in this area. I'm not a peoples' person, but I believe God knows that and is doing what He knows is best. Meetin many new people. Working with them. Having conflict with friends over certain matters. Seeing the ugly side of people. And thank God, seeing the good side of many others, when the going gets tough. Getting to know my current friends (especially ODAC) better, meeting up with old friends- Montfort people, meeting ancient friends (haha was walking home when I saw my old friend Li Ru. Haven't seen her for like 2 years! Which is a mystery to me, cuz she lives in the block next to mine... suppose our lifestyles and timing very different).

And yeah, now it's time for QT with my Lord.

Lots of matters to settle with my Father in heaven. Lots. Lots I want to talk to God about.

gtg gtg gtg.

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