Saturday, August 06, 2005

one week

Been a looooong one week.

Each morning I wake up to the crazy ringing of my alarm clock. (It's not the newer beep-beep-beep type, but the old crrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggg type of fire-alarm alarm clock.), reason being that this kind of clock can literally make you sit up in bed and make sure you wake up (the newer type of clock doesn't always succeed in waking me up... figured that I can sleep real soundly).

The first thing I do.

Is to pray.

It's not a long "O-God-you-are-so-great-today-is-such-a-good-day-I-feel-blessed-to-be-a-Christian-and-I-look-forward-to-today" prayer, but a short "God-I'm-so-tired-bring-me-through-this-day"

As I walk to school past the neighbourhood park I do that too.

I pray.

I pray "God this week is so long. Mr so-and-so is giving me so much homework. Please help me to finish it"

As I get on the bus I pray.

And I ask for help yet again.

Yet it has now occured to me, after many many days that I have not said one thing in the morning.

And that is "thank you Lord", with a heart that truly means "thank you"

I never thanked the Lord for the hand that reached out to switch off the alarm clock.

I never thanked God for the body that sat up straight in bed.

I never thanked God for the legs I had as I walked to the bus stop.

I never thanked God for the small little flowers, the trees, the grass, or the fact that I could see them all.

I never thanked God for so many things...

Never even thanked Him for bringing me through the last day, or the day before that, or the one before that.

Dear Lord God.

Thank you so much.

For everything.


Ahxiong said...

i totally dun haf your number diff to contact u..not miss the time when we were nevertheless..i still wanna thank god for everything..big n small he done for me..jia you wor..

ahkow(kok hiong)

tyong said...

Hey hey

Nice to know you actually stumbled on my blog. My no. is 81252456.

Yeah. Those were good times. Now we appreciate them... only when they're over. Do a good job as CI man. haha. CI already leh...

And right, if you have the time, do come down to my church for a visit. Andrew came the other day.