Friday, August 12, 2005


Sure is hard to run after God and fall due to the error of your own ways.

Sometimes when you fall you wonder whether you'll ever get up again.

Sometimes you don't even feel like getting up.

But then if God has provided in the past, then He will provide for the future. And all the strength I need will come from Him alone.

Just as an encouragement to all. If you've fallen lately, you're not alone.

Me too. (which is kinda obvious)

And I know (not just believe) that God's gonna raise us all up again. Blind faith, it seems at times. But well-placed faith, I know.

I need prayer for: schoolwork & victory over Satan & more friends... especially Christian friends in school.


pamela said...

will keep ya in prayer bro.
Though you may stumble, He will not let you fall... Stand firm in Him.

tyong said...

yup thanks

I've been stumbling a lot then.

Aiyoh. Nv see you at all today at ypm. Sure hope that I'll at least get to talk to you face to face before you fly back. hahahahaha. We're like kind of becoming penpals lor.