Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dug up something

Found this from Sec. 4 times.

Makes for an interesting read.

There was once a piece of wood. Nothing special really. Just a piece of timber taken from the forest. This piece of wood had been lopped off from a great timber tree by a master carpenter. That had been a week ago. Now the piece of wood lay in the carpenter's house, on the working table, wondering if the master carpenter had forgotten it.

"What am I doing here?" the piece of wood wondered aloud. "It'd have been better for me to stay attached to the great timber tree. Life here is boring. I'd rather be used for firewood than stay here for eternity."

As if on cue, the master carpenter entered the room.

"Don't worry," said he. "I have a purpose for you. I picked you from the great timber tree, you of all the other branches. I have a plan in mind for you. Trust me."

As he said these words, the master carpenter took out a chisel and a saw.

"Now. I know this is going to hurt. But if I don't do this, you will never become more than a piece of wood suited for the fireplace."

And he began sawing and chiselling at the piece of wood.

Chisel. chisel. chisel. saw. saw. saw. The piece of wood, brave at first, was now yelping in pain.

"Oh stop the pain, sir! Just throw me into the fireplace."

"Not yet, not yet. Trust in me. I know what I'm doing far better than you do."

So the piece of wood gritted it's teeth throughout the pain. All of a sudden the master carpenter stopped.

"That's enough for today."

The piece of wood lay exhausted, too tired to move for days. Than one day he picked himself up and looked around himself. Stretching around a little, he felt a lot better. As he examined his body, he could see why. The master carpenter had chiselled and sawed off all the bulky wooden twigs that jutted out of him. Moving around the house, he studied the other pieces of wood, and he despised them. They were nothing compared to him. The master carpenter had chosen to work in him, not them. The thought resounded in his head as he nodded condescendingly toward the other pieces of wood.

The master carpenter was watching each and every move of the piece of wood intently. The piece of wood knew it, and did not exactly feel bad at his actions. After all, the master had chosen him. The master had a plan for him. He was special. Of course he had the right to despise, look down upon, and pass snide remarks at the other pieces of wood.

But the master carpenter knew just what to do. One day, he put a shiny mirror, the type that could be found easily in any home’s dressing table, on his working table. And he positioned it in such a way that the piece of wood could get a clear look at itself.

And the master was right. The piece of wood did get a glimpse of himself. And what he saw shocked him completely. Why, he was far from perfect! The master carpenter’s work in him was distinct enough to be noticed. But there was still so much to be desired! And in the time that he had been caught up in pride, he had actually started to decay. Part of him was falling apart. The decay was spreading.

“Now you see what I want you to see,” said the master carpenter gently. “Come back to my working table. There’s still much to be done.”

Thought of writing a conclusion as I read this. But oh well, guess it's only better that I don't conclude this story. Cuz this work is still a loong way from being complete, till the day of Jesus Christ my Lord!!

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